Tested: 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S (with video)

Designed with the introductory rider in mind, the 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S puts comfort, fit and confidence at the forefront of the riding experience. With a wonderful price point of $7,999 in Canada (including standard ABS!) and a new feature called Ergo-Fit, the Vulcan S is poised to stake a serious claim in the middleweight cruiser market.


While the novice rider was the main focus during the development of the Vulcan S, Kawasaki’s bigger objective was to not only build a bike that the new rider wouldn’t grow out of in a year or two, but also something that would satisfy the experienced rider.

Kawasaki achieved this thanks in large part to the brand new Ergo-Fit system, which allows the rider to choose from three different footpeg positions, three seat options and two different handlebars (18 configurations in total) to customize the bike’s ergonomics to the rider’s body type and preferences. Read more about the Ergo-Fit system in our full review of the Vulcan S in the latest issue of Inside Motorcycles.

Kawasaki engineers decided to power the Vulcan S with a retuned version of the Ninja 650 engine. It sounds odd—a cruiser with a Ninja engine—but the 649 cc parallel twin is easy to manage down low, builds rpm smoothly and then comes alive above 6,000 rpm. As such, it really does provide fun for new AND experienced riders.


In the city it’s smooth, light, comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. Get into the twisties and the engine works harmoniously with a well-sorted (though fairly basic) suspension setup to provide serious giggles. On major highways it’s
comfy, passes with just a twist of the throttle and runs smooth. It comes with a fantastic price tag of $7,999 CAD, and that’s with standard ABS! It’s a lot of bike for the price. Take a test drive and check out the Ergo-Fit system this spring to see if this ‘Ninja cruiser’ is right for you.

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By Graeme Jones
Inside Motorcycles

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