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Pro Drag Racer Ethan Barkley Joins 6-Second Club

The TS Signs Printing & Promo backed rider Ethan Barkley set his sights on racing against the best in the world this season. To do so he needed to venture back to the USA one more time this season to race with the Xtreme Drag Racing Association (XDA) at the inaugural Bike Bash at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) August 23-25th. XDA events always draw the top Pro Street racers from all over the globe as the track prep at an XDA event is second to none. This was a long haul for the Calgary, Alberta based racer who logged over 4400 kms each way!

Friday tech inspection featured far more scrutiny than back in Canada or other US sanctioning bodies. The riders and bikes are meticulously weighed and measured, in Ethan's case he needed to be over 150 lb in only shorts and a t-shirt without shoes or anything extra on his body. In order to allow up to 73 inches of wheelbase he and the bike including all gear must exceed 580 lb. Over the last several months he has worked hard on his physical training and monitoring the bike's components to be as close as possible to the minimums in order to gain the most advantage. All that hard work and attention to detail paid off as Ethan weighed in at 154 lbs and the combined weight including his Alpinestars gear and HJC Carbon fiber helmet tipped the scales at a near perfect 590 lbs. To compete at this level racing the best of the best, nothing can be left to chance.

Ethan entered the Friday test session in order to get a feel for the surface at VMP and work on his tune-ups. The session went well with a total of three runs, the best being a respectable 7.18/195 on a low boost tune. Friday night round 1 qualifying was at 7pm, the temperature had cooled off dramatically compared the test passes during the day. Ethan had a good idea of where he needed to be with his tuning and was eager to make a good pass. Unfortunately that's not how it went, Ethan wasn't in the correct body position when he bike left the start line harder than it’s ever left before, Ethan was caught off guard found himself being in the uncomfortable situation of being pulled backward off the bike and was forced to chop the throttle at the top of first gear which hurt the times considerably posting a miserable 7.60 @ 185mph. This was not how Ethan wanted to start his weekend and set his sights on doing better in the three rounds of qualifying on Saturday.

Saturday morning's weather was cool and wet forcing XDA officials to cancel the 1pm round of qualifying for Pro Street. This meant Ethan only had two chances to make the very competitive 16 bike field, one at 4 pm and the last at 7pm. In all 19 riders were entered in the Orient Express Pro Street Class and if you didn't make the top 16, you were going home early. Ethan took advantage of this extra time and spent hours reviewing the data from the earlier runs as well as watching video in order to improve his chassis and riding position. In the 4pm session Ethan was more determined than ever and had a much better body position but the bike was slightly lazy leaving the line. The scoreboards flashed 7.04/206, a new personal best in both elapsed time and speed! For round three Ethan made a slight change in his tune-up trying to resolve the soft launch. Unfortunately the launch still wasn't corrected but Eleanor pulled harder than ever and posted a new career best of 7.016 / 200.62! It was a near perfect run with Ethan knocking on the door to the elusive 6 second club! This run qualified him 13th position, which is truly a feat in itself considering the caliber of racers in attendance.

In round 1 of Sunday's eliminations Ethan was paired up with Ryan Schnitz who qualified 4th with a career best 6.61/215. Ethan knew he was the underdog but he was confident he was on the right track with his tuning and was eager to improve on his previous elapsed times. As the pair left the start line they were close on reaction time, but Ethan continued to have less than average acceleration in 1st gear and Ryan pulled ahead about 3 bike lengths. As Ethan shifted to second he was now keeping pace with Ryan. Ethan crossed the line in second to but he knew it was a good pass since he was able to keep Ryan in his sights. The time slip showed that all of Ethan's hard work and perseverance paid off … 6.964 @ 205.26 mph! Ethan just made history as the first Canadian to run a 6 second elapsed time in Pro Street! He was now a full-fledged member of the exclusive "6 second club" and was ecstatic with the result: "This number 6 has been a long time coming, I always knew myself and the bike were capable of it but never had the traction up to now, the pass felt super smooth and now I'm on the right track to keep going quicker".

Never one to be satisfied, Ethan was charged up and wanted more passes on the perfect VMP surface. "I didn't drive all this way to watch" he said as he was doing his between round maintenance. After speaking to XDA director Jason Miller, Ethan would be allowed to run test passes after the pro's finished their runs. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and Ethan took full advantage. His first test pass was another record setting run, 6.926 @ 200.00 mph! The bike was on rails, with a super clean start with improved acceleration in first gear. For his last test pass Ethan added even more power earlier in first gear while maintaining the same overall peak power he's run all season. The bike left the line with unbelievable speed and acceleration, posting a career best 1.15 second 60 foot' time and continued to accelerate harder than ever before. Ethan shifted into 6th gear just before the finish line and posted a jaw dropping 6.847 @ 206.99 mph! This is not only his third 6 second pass in a row, but more importantly he is now in the league of the world’s top riders! "It has been an amazing few days down here and I'm pumped to be running so quick while knowing there is much more left in the bike" Ethan said after the record setting run.

It truly was an epic weekend of racing for Ethan. Not only did he qualify against the quickest riders in the world, he proved that the 15 years of hard work and dedication to his GSX-R1000 program paid off in spades! Running a 6 second pass is an amazing feat that only a handful of riders get to achieve. The icing on the cake is that he shaved off over a tenth of a second on only his third ever 6 second pass, just imagine the outcome with more track time. His 6.84 second run places him firmly into the 6 second club and he knows this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Ethan's next event will be back in Canada with the CMDRA in Medicine Hat, Alberta September 7-8th.

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Barkley heads to Australia for the 52nd Gulf Western Oil Winternationals!

Ethan's good friend and fellow 2017 CMDRA racer Leith Darrach (currently living in Australia) offered Ethan a deal he could not pass up! "Why don't you come down here and race for a couple weeks on my bike.” Leith said. Ethan was speechless at the offer and quickly accepted and began making arrangements to make the trip to Willowbank Raceway happen.

Leith and Ethan lined up at the CMDRA Spring Nationals 2017. Now Ethan will be riding Leith's colourful Hayabusa in Australia!

The first stop on the busy calendar will be the Winternational's "Warm Up" event. Ethan will do his best to overcome jet-lag and become accustomed to a completely new bike. "There's plenty to do the first few days we are there. We need to set the bike up for my weight and riding style, plus get the power to ground and show we are there to compete for the win!" Ethan stated.

Once the "Warm Up" event has concluded the pair intend on spending a couple of days pouring over the data and fine tuning the bike in preparation for the biggest drag racing event outside North America, The 52nd Annual Gulf Western Oil Winternationals! This is a mammoth event with hundreds of competitors racing in over a dozen classes. Ethan and Leith will be competing side by side in the IHRA Extreme Bike class.


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Barkley wins his 18th National Title

The fifth and final race of the 2018 CMDRA National Series was held at Mission Raceway Park Sept. 22nd - 23rd. The weather was less than optimal for racing with heavy rain the night before and Saturday morning was equally as bad with drizzle until about noon. However the sun came out just enough in the afternoon to dry things up and allow the staff to begin prepping the surface.

Ethan set up his turbocharged GSX-R1000 "Eleanor" for a really sticky surface, unfortunately the weather wasn't co-operating so Ethan went back to his usual moderate chassis setup and boost maps. In the opening test pass the bike instantly spun at the line and provided little data while posting an 8.38 / 179 mph. The track was still green from all the rain and needed more rubber down if Ethan was to make a pass that was worthwhile. In round two Ethan set his bike up extra soft and made a relatively clean pass with minor wheel spin with a 7.49 / 188 mph. There was still room for improvement but after reviewing the data Ethan could see the track would not accept any more power so the tune was left the same for the final round of qualifying. The track was cooling off as sun set for the final round of qualifying with the racers made their passes under the lights. Cool fall air is great for horsepower but not great for the track. Ethan used all his tricks to make sure he stayed ahead of his competition and chose to remove all the ballast from the bike in order to assist the weight transfer to the rear tire. On his final pass of the day Ethan had a nice clean run, the shift times were slowed down so as not to overpower the tire which was constantly on the verge of breaking loose; the scoreboards flashed 7.47/ 189 mph! A great run that put Ethan in top spot in the High Level Motor Products Pro Street Class but that was also the quickest run of any class!

With Sunday morning came more drizzle and overcast skies, but unlike Saturday the sun was not making an appearance. With the inability to provide a safe racing surface due to cool temperatures, high humidity and lack of radiant heat the officials decided to cancel the elimination rounds. Not the ideal way to end a season but with one rider crashing on Saturday afternoon the likelihood of another incident was just too high for officials to proceed.

Ethan had accumulated a healthy lead in the Championship standings prior to arriving in Mission and merely needed to qualify in order to win the 2018 Championship. Overall the season was a success with two wins and a runner up in the three completed events, and he qualified 1st and second in the two events that were rained out. He was the most consistent rider all season and one of / if not the quickest entry in the entire CMDRA at every event. It's this consistent top level performance that also earned Ethan his third Rick Davie Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Achievement.

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Another win for Barkley at the Badland's Nationals!

The fourth race of the CMDRA National Series was the Badland's Nationals in Medicine Hat September 8-9th. Ethan has performed well at this track in years past and he was determined to carry forward his winning traditions.

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Ethan Barkley dominates the Northern Nationals!

After a missed opportunity for the win at the last event due to inclement weather, Ethan was determined to make up ground in the championship standings at the Northern Nationals August 11-12.

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Rain-Out at the CMDRA Oil City Nationals!

Upon arrival at Castrol Raceway Friday July 20th, Ethan and his team were greeted by plenty of rain, lightning and thunder. Not a great way to start a race weekend while the forecast for the rest of the weekend wasn't looking great with showers expected throughout the area.

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EB Speed: Runner-Up at the CMDRA Summer Nationals!

After a long off-season Ethan was finally back aboard his trusty turbocharged GSX-R1000 nicknamed "Eleanor" at the CMDRA Summer Nationals June 30-July 1.

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Barkley Runner-Up At CMDRA Summer Nationals

Rimbey, AB (July 11, 2017)- With no time to rest after his win two weeks ago, Ethan Barkley and the EB Speed team were at the CMDRA Summer Nationals at Central Alberta Raceways in Rimbey, AB on July 6-7.

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Barkley Comes Out On Top At The Badland's Nationals

Medicine Hat, AB (June 27, 2017)- After a long winter Ethan Barkley was back on his record setting turbocharged GSX-R1000 at the CMDRA season opener, the Badland's Nationals in Medicine Hat Alberta. EB Speed has stepped up to sponsor the class and this increased purse has helped entice a few new faces into the mix.

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Ethan Barkley Continues Hot Streak With Medicine Hat Win

@CMDRA2016 • #MHDRA •Medicine Hat, AB (August 23, 2016)- Ethan Barkley arrived at "The Strip" in Medicine Hat, AB looking to continue his quest for the 2016 CMDRA Pro Street Championship.

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