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WALTON, Ont. – KTM Red Bull THOR Factory Race Team’s Jess Pettis continued his winning ways over the weekend as he secured a second-consecutive 250 Pro class victory at Round 2 of the 2020 Triple Crown Series at Walton Raceway. His teammate, Cole Thompson, secured a top-five overall in the premier 450 Pro class as he continues to ease his way back into racing.

250 Pro Class
On Saturday, Pettis picked up right where he left off at the opening round as he qualified first and carried great momentum into the start of racing. He got off to a good start in Moto 1, making a few quick passes to overtake the early lead aboard his KTM 250 SX-F. He began his charge early on and it didn’t take long for him to create a comfortable gap over the rest of the field, where he took the Moto 1 win by almost 16 seconds.

Sunday’s conditions looked much different than the previous day’s after a big rainstorm came through and wreaked havoc on the grounds of Walton Raceway. The track became flooded earlier in the day making for a muddy second moto but the sun soon came out and dried it up leaving deep, rough ruts for the final race of the day. In Moto 2, Pettis got off to a second-place start and he immediately went to battle with Marshal Welton for the lead position. The two riders swapped positions back-and-forth several times throughout the mud-infested race but in the end, Pettis fell just short of the win with a close second-place finish.

In Moto 3, Pettis bounced back as he captured the holeshot and never looked back. He put his head down right away and sprinted to a 16-second lead by the halfway mark, which proved to be advantageous in the final laps as he lost substantial time navigating through a group of downed riders with two laps to go. Despite the setback late in the race, Pettis was able to maintain his lead and solidify the overall victory at Round 2.

Jean-Sebastien Roy, KTM Red Bull Thor Factory Team Manager: “The weekend went good despite some challenges that came with the big rain storm on Saturday night. We are very happy with Jess, he rode super smart in a track that left a lot of opportunities for mistakes to happen and he managed to walk away healthy with some great results after the weekend. Cole is still struggling with some physical issues but we will take away some positives from his third-place on Saturday and look ahead to the next round.”

Jess Pettis, KTM Red Bull Thor Factory 250 Rider: “Saturday started off good with qualifying first and I was able to take the win in the first moto. On Sunday, it rained all night and it was a full-on mud race so that was a challenging thing. The track dried out a little bit for Moto 3 so it was a little bit better but very sketchy lines and a very difficult track. The lappers were really bad at the end but I was still able to get the win and get another overall, so another good weekend.”

450 Pro Class
KTM Red Bull THOR Factory Race Team’s Cole Thompson completed his first full-weekend of racing after missing out on most of the opening round. In Moto 1, Thompson got a second-place start aboard his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION and he battled inside the top-three for the entire race, ultimately securing a third-place podium finish on Saturday.

On Sunday, Thompson got a third-place start in Moto 2 and he got shuffled back to fifth on lap two. With muddy conditions making it tough to pass, Thompson maintained his fifth-place position through the checkers. In Moto 3, he once again put himself into a top-five position early on but as the race wore on he found himself losing positions but he was able to fight his way to a ninth-place finish in the moto, managing fifth overall for the weekend.

Cole Thompson, KTM Red Bull Thor Factory 450 Rider: “It was a tough weekend for myself. I’m not feeling a 100% yet on the bike but I’ll go back to Walton again next weekend and try to better my result. I have to thank my team for doing everything they could to get me the best result possible. I look forward to getting back on the podium soon.”

WMX Class – KTM-Supported racer, Eve Brodeur, put forth another incredible performance on the weekend as she swept the Women’s MX class with 1-1 finishes, while also battling in all three 250 Pro class motos for 32nd overall with 33-34-29 moto finishes.

Orange Brigade – KTM Orange Brigade’s Jacob Piccolo had a tough start to the weekend with a 38th-place finish in the 250 Pro class but he bounced back quite well to secure 16th in Moto 2 and 7th in Moto 3 for an overall finish of 14th.

Additionally, KTM Orange Brigade rider Sebastien Racine managed a top-five overall in the FXR Pre-Mix class with an impressive third-place podium finish in Moto 1, followed by ninth-place in Moto 2 to secure fifth overall on his 125 SX.

Next Race: August 15/16 – Walton, ON

250 Pro Results – Walton

1. Jess Pettis, KTM (1-2-1)
2. Marshal Weltin, Kawasaki (2-1-2)
3. Marco Cannella, Yamaha (3-3-3)
7. Jeremy Mckie, KTM
14. Jacob Piccolo, KTM
16. Quinn Amyotte, KTM
24. Jordan Lebel, KTM
27. Devin Rae, KTM
28. Joshua McGinnis, KTM
32. Eve Brodeur, KTM
40. Justin Barnhart, KTM

450 Pro Results – Walton

1. Dylan Wright, Honda (1-1-1)
2. Matt Goerke, Kawasaki (4-2-3)
3. Phil Nicoletti, Yamaha (2-3-4)
5. Cole Thompson, KTM (3-5-9)
7. Liam O’Farrell, KTM
16. Blair Nauta, KTM
19. Max Filipek, KTM

250 Pro Series Points – Round 2 of 5

1. Jess Pettis – 147 points
2. Marshal Weltin – 131 points
3. Marco Cannella – 118 points
7. Jeremy Mckie – 74 points
8. Quinn Amyotte – 60 points
13. Jacob Piccolo – 40 points
20. Duncan Macleod – 12 points

450 Pro Series Points – Round 2 of 5

1. Dylan Wright – 150 points
2. Phil Nicoletti – 124 points
3. Matt Goerke – 118 points
7. Liam O’Farrell – 75 points
12. Cole Thompson – 53 points
15. Blair Nauta – 31 points
21. Max Filipek – 14 points

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