Dan Kruger joins Penz13

Dan Kruger joins Penz13

Written by  PENZ13 Racing Team on Saturday, 05 October 2019 16:15

Canadian Dan Kruger, recently crowned as Vice-Champion of the China Superbike Championship 2019, will line-up with the MGM by Penz13 squad at the upcoming Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix from 15th to 17th November once again.

With an impressive debut back in 2014 at the Guia Circuit, he again joined forces with a very special mission alongside team-mate Michael Rutter in 2015. Those days the pair of them conquered the Macau streets on specially designed bikes by intellectually disabled people of Macau.

Unfortunately, the following year Dan was not able to race in Macau due to a serious concussion that occurred at the EWC Suzuka 8-hour Race in Japan as well as injuries sustained at the neighboring Zhuhai International Circuit in China where he broke his back. It took him nearly two years to fully recover from these injuries. In the meantime, Dan appeared as a Keynote Speaker and Art Workshop Supervisor at the Inclusion Conference in Macau. The purpose was to follow up with the development of the people with ID, giving his input on life experience, racing, and motorcycle design art that was featured in the bikes of Danny Webb and Gary Johnson in the years 2016-2018.

This year he finally will be able to complete his mission. In the latest edition of the Inclusion Conference in April 2019, again more than one hundred people with ID from Macau and the rest of the world have been involved in various design workshops. This time not only designing the bikes of the 2019 Macau Motorcycle GP edition but also various helmets and leathers.

Lining up alongside Davey Todd and Erno Kostamo – the trio will be racing some very uniquely designed BMW motorcycles. Their leather suits and helmets will be featuring the talent of the people with intellectual disabilities. With strong support from the MGM Macau, this project began in 2014 and its legacy still lives on.

Dan Kruger:”It was always my dream to race the Macau GP and it was the MGM by Penz13 team that helped me to ful ll that dream back in 2015. It was a long journey to get there, having raced with the team at the North West 200, the Isle of Man TT, and some of the International Road Racing Championship rounds in Europe including Imatra and Frohburg. I can’t thank them enough for involving me in this very special project. I was honored to attend on several occasions as a keynote speaker at the related conference in Macau.
During these conferences, we all came together and shared stories about inclusive education and had breakout workshops where the intellectually disabled conference attendees designed some very beautiful bikes, helmets and even leather suits for some of the top Road Racers in the world. I simply fell in love with this project and it became an important part of my life to support and contribute to this project. After 5 years, I can now close the circle and return to Macau – racing again in a very special out t designed by people that mean the world to me. Thanks to the MGM Macau and the Penz13 team for giving me this great opportunity.”

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