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R.A.C.E SuperSeries closes the books on the 2018

Matt Simpson took home most of the accolades and trophies after a banner racing season. The young Bowmanville racer took top honours, walking away with the John McCaw Memorial Award, donated by the late Frank Mrazak, to the top teenage rider. Simpson also finished with a championship winning ride in the Mopar Express Lane Lightweight production class, as well as a third place finish in Lightweight Twins. Simpson also went on the grab the RACE SuperSeries “True Grit & Determination Award,” as well as the Steve Wilcox Award for the most exciting Amateur rider. Local racer Chris Fehr also presented Matt with his award given to the best amateur racer finishing with the most points in the season.

The CRCA Rookie Marshal of The Year award went to Lynn Cloutier while long time CRCA member Larry McMillan took the CRCA Founders Award. The CRCA Rider of The Year trophy went to rising star Joshua Thomas.

Ivan Babic was the recipient of the Tony Marchese Memorial Award that is presented to the Pro Privateer competitor judged to be the best appearing rider and machine combination of the season.

The Maxime Mercier Gentleman’s Award for sportsmanship and competition goes to Stanley Moran. The RACE Series Riders Appreciation Award went to Gary Green from the Sidecar Racers Association. The Edyvean Trophy SRA Championship Award went to Ian Boddaert and Greg Carrol.

The Don Hickey Memorial Trophy for the Amateur Sportbike Champion went to Craig Archer.

Steve Evans was rewarded for his diligent work keeping champion Matt Simpson on track by winning the prestigious John Nelson / Danny Rae Tuning Achievement Award. The Tom Walther Memorial Award presented to the Amateur Superbike Champion went to Nick Koleros.

The Pat Goncalves Award for the most exciting Pro rider went to Tomas Casas.

The RACE SuperSeries No. 1 plate for the Pro Superbike champion this year goes to Elie Daccache. The series ended with Eros Mukja in second place and Kingston’s Chris Fehr in third. Fehr was also on hand top present his award for the most points earned by a Pro rider to Mike Raniowski.

Sponsorship members from Snow City Cycle were also on hand to give out some draw prizes. One of the prizes, to a trivia question, was won by Jacqui Prospero, who answered correctly to win a beautiful Kawasaki jacket. The jacket was then put up for auction, to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Riders Safety Fund. After a heated bidding war, Jacob Black, the representative, shelled out $350 towards a great cause. The SRA crew also made an unexpected donation towards the CRSF with a very generous donation of $1000.

Class championship awards were also handed out in the following categories:

Mopar Express Lane Lightweight Production

3rd. J.F. Cloutier

2nd. Alan Burns

1st. Matt Simpson

Masters Middleweight

3rd. Hans van Sluewen

2nd. Chris Fehr

3rd. Mike Raniowski

Middleweight Sportsman

3rd. Alan Burns

2nd. Andy Dickinson

1st. David Walker

Lightweight Twins

3rd. Matt Simpson

2nd. Joshua Thomas

1st. Hans van Sluewen

Pro Sportbike

3rd. Chris Fehr

2nd. Mike Raniowski

1st. Tomas Casas

Amateur Sportbike

3rd. Jared Walker

2nd. Todd Ferguson

1st. Craig Archer

Heavyweight Sportsman

3rd. Kayla Hannaford

2nd. Andy Dickinson

1st. David Walker

Lightweight Superbike

3rd. Justin Marshall

2nd. Hans van Sluewen

1st. Joshua Thomas

Sprint Cup

3rd. Vivian Matthews

2nd. Mike Raniowski

1st. Elie Daccache

Lightweight Sportsman

3rd. Connor Campbell

2nd. Alan Burns

1st. Matt Simpson

Amateur Superbike

3rd. Todd Ferguson

2nd. Ivan Babic

1st. Nick Koleros

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R.A.C.E. SuperSeries Round 3 Report - Another Hot Finish At SMP

The steamy hot weather persisted for most of the weekend at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Round 3 saw a return to the original Shannonville layout as a large grid of riders set records ablaze on the 1.8km Nelson Circuit.

Monday, 16 July 2018 15:22 Published in Reports, Results & Points

R.A.C.E. SuperSeries - Daccache Hot in Round 2

The weather was very hot and sunny for the R.A.C.E SuperSeries Round 2 at Shannonville Motorsport Park for Sunday’s Father’s Day finals. Indeed several fathers were celebrated during the weekend as the Walker family tried their best to take home all the trophies while father/son team of Alan and Aaron Burns did their best as well.

Monday, 18 June 2018 10:21 Published in Reports, Results & Points

R.A.C.E. SuperSeries Round 1 Report

Just like Mom ordered for Mother’s day, bright sunny weather was a welcome addition to the 2018 R.A.C.E. SuperSeries opening round. After the previous two seasons saw horrible weather and a cancellation of last years opening round, this year got off to a great start with sunny skies, a full paddock and incredible racing.

Monday, 14 May 2018 11:26 Published in Reports, Results & Points

Stormy Finish at Round 3 of RACE SuperSeries at Shannonville

Shannonville, ON (June 19, 2017)- Whether it was good planning or just good luck, Round 3 of the  R.A.C.E. SuperSeries was uninterrupted for Sunday’s finals despite soggy conditions across southern Ontario.

Monday, 19 June 2017 15:19 Published in Reports, Results & Points

R.A.C.E. SuperSeries Round 2 Report

Shannonville, ON (May 24, 2017)- When torrential rains and flooding caused a cancellation of Round 1 of the the R.A.C.E. SuperSeries at Shannonville Motorsport Park, in Shannonville, ON, hopes were high for a better start to the season this past weekend.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 18:57 Published in Reports, Results & Points

R.A.C.E. Round 2 Report

Shannonville, ON (June 15, 2016)- After inclement weather conditions forced the re-scheduling at Round 1 of the R.A.C.E SuperSeries, hopes were high that things would improve for Round 2 this weekend.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 06:49 Published in Reports, Results & Points

Hindle Exhaust Announces Contingency Program for Canada

@HindleExhaust •@cdnsuperbike • (April 20, 2016)-  Hindle Exhaust Systems is proud to offer sponsorship and contingency for racers for the 2016 race season in Canada.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 16:10 Published in News

RACE SuperSeries Report‏

Shannonville, ON (September 30, 2015)- Shannonville Motorsports Park concluded its 2015 motorcycle racing season under perfect conditions, with sunny skies and beautiful weather. The 2015 RACE SuperSeries came to its conclusion with new champions crowned and lap records, once again, being broken.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:58 Published in Reports, Results & Points

Championships Up For Grabs at RACE finals

Shannonville, ON (September 21, 2015)- Several new champions will be crowned next weekend at the RACE SuperSeries final round of motorcycle racing action for 2015. Shannonville Motorsport Park will be abuzz with excitement as racers promise to be in top form for the season-ending races.

Monday, 21 September 2015 14:48 Published in News

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