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Canadian Charly Vu Returns from Red Bull Rookies Tryouts

Written by  on Friday, 21 October 2011 16:44

Charly Vu, the 13 year old Toronto-based motorcycle racer was the sole Canadian participant for the 2012 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection event at Motorland Aragon in Spain. Charly had arrived in Spain 3 days prior to the selection event in order for him to adjust to the time and climate change.

Once Vu had arrived at the Motorland Aragon Circuit on a very warm Tuesday morning, he was quite surprised to learn that the 100 participants including himself would not be riding the full GP circuit, instead they would be riding the kart track which was much more technical and more suited to the specially prepared Metrakit 125cc bikes.

Vu quickly learned the circuit and his machine during his 15 minute warm-up session. Despite slippery track conditions and worn out tires for his second session he drastically increased his confidence and speeds around the new track and as such was pushing the bike and himself to absolute limit. Unfortunately after 8 laps Vu lost the rear while exiting the final corner coming onto the front straight and was no longer able to continue due to a mechanical issue with his bike. According to Charly, "This event has motivated me even more than ever and now I want nothing more than to be over there to compete against the best."

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