120 racers took part in the VRRA season opener at Shannonville June 1-3 120 racers took part in the VRRA season opener at Shannonville June 1-3 Report by Dave Minnett/VRRA }{ Photos by Tim McGill

Vintage Racers Beat Weather at Quinte TT

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The opening round of the Vintage Road Racing Association series this past weekend (June 1-3) was a success despite less than ideal weather conditions. The rain started early Friday morning and continued in varying stages of intensity throughout the day. It didn’t do much toward dampening the enthusiasm of 120-plus racers however, who were more than eager to be back on the track after a long season away.

The VRRA's annual race school was attended by 28 enthusiastic newcomers (including Inside Motorcycles Editor Graeme Jones), and after the morning classroom session ended the students were out on track. Heavy rain cut the track time short and race direction also wisely cancelled the endurance race slated for mid-afternoon.

Saturday rewarded riders with a much friendlier weather environment, and heat races gave spectators some great entertainment. Approximately half the previous days' students stayed to participate in their first race, and their enjoyment was clearly evident.

The “Try the Track” program was also launched this weekend, which gives street riders a chance to lap with their own bikes at a spirited pace on a racetrack. Also available is the opportunity to ride as a passenger in a sidecar race rig.  Cost is 20 bucks, and the program will be available at every event this year.

Sunday’s finals included some very close racing (literally) as racers shared space in the corners and more than once elbows and fairings contacted each other as the battles came down to the final laps. All in all it was a safe weekend, although there were a couple of incidents (including a very spectacular sidecar pileup that fortunately didn’t include injuries). The sidecar final also provided fans with excellent racing that came right down to the wire. The next round is scheduled for July 14 and 15 at Shannonville.

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Class Winners

 Period 3(1972 to 1982) Lightweight                             David Cote

Period 4(1983 to 1989) F3 Lightweight                         Dominic Aubrey

Period 2 (1968 to 1972) Sidecars                                Paul Whittaker

Period 2 Heavyweight-Middleweight Production            Brett Waller

Period 2 Lightweight, pre-65 500 pre-65 350, P1 200    Tim Voyer

Period 3 Middleweight                                               Mike Mistlbachner

Period 1(up to 1967) 500, Period 1 250                       Paul Brubaker

Period 3 Heavyweight                                                Tim Ruhl

Period 4 F2 Middleweight                                           Jamie Barkley

Period 1 open-350 and pre 1950                                 Doug Forbes

Period 4 F1 Heavyweight                                            Bill Quail

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