Michael Dunlop takes lap record on the way to Froburg win

Michael Dunlop takes lap record on the way to Froburg win

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Frohburg, Germany- Michael Dunlop finished two out of three Sunday's races at the Frohburger Dreieck on the podium. Taking his Penz13.com BMW S 1000 RR to a win at the last race of the day the rider from Northern Ireland took a new lap record on the way to the rostrum. Canadian racer Dan Kruger finished inside the Top Ten in all three Sunday encounters.

It's been a more than successful Frohburg outing for the TT specialist from Northern Ireland: After uncle Joey Dunlop, father Robert Dunlop and brother William Dunlop now also Michael Dunlop appears in the winner's list at Frohburg. At the end he set a new lap record at the Dreiecksrennen close to Leipzig.

Dunlop currently is dominating the Read Road Racing scene. He took four Tourist Trophy race wins in one week last year already, repeating that success this season. In the Superbike TT, Superstock TT and the Senior TT of this year's edition he already was BMW S 1000 RR equipped. At Frohburg he rode for the Team Penz13.com.

Kruger took the long way coming over from Canada to get his second Road Racing appearance for the Team Penz13.com under his belt. He rode for that squad at the Isle of Man back in May/June already.

Sunday's races

Sunday's first race brought a similar problem to Dunlop as the one on the eve before: The rear tire dropped a bit too early and he had to renounce the final attack for the victory. Dunlop brought home a third spot on the podium.

The second race of the day saw Dunlop pitting early due to an electronic issue.

The last race of the day saw Michael Dunlop putting down the hammer: In the Joey Dunlop Open race he not only took victory but set a new lap record in 1:34,355 Minutes. He took the win 3.1 seconds in front of German road racer Didier Grams and Johan Fredriks from the Netherlands. Grams took both IRRC wins of the weekend, Fredriks won the Open race Satudray night.

Kruger also showed a great pace in all the three races on Sunday. Coming from 12th on grid the Canadian racer, who normally rides the Chinese Superbike Championship, stormed directly deep into the Top Ten in all occasions.

Having had a huge moment on Saturday's race where Kruger held his BMW S 1000 RR just barely upright he rode all three races on Sunday with a overstretched wrist. At the end he took two ninths and one sixth place at his first Froburger Dreieck races.

Kruger made steady progress and was able to break the 1:40 minute barrier for the first time during the second open race on Sunday. The last race of the day saw Kruger confirming his best time effort at the Froburger Dreieck.

Michael Dunlop: DNF – 3. – DNF – 1.
Amazing weekend. Of course, those two DNFs were a pity but my biggest target was to not lay in the hedge, which we accomplished. The podium on Sunday morning was great but also there we had a problem with a dropping rear tire. We did some changes but in the second race I had to stop at the pits as the bike was cutting out. We got that sorted quickly, changed the suspension once more and then took the win. I am happy, it was a great weekend – especially with all those passionate fans here at Frohburg and of course the whole Penz-Team. It was fun, like to do it again."

Dan Kruger: 6. – 9. – 9. – 6.
No that was fun! Alright, I had to ride through some pain after what happened to my wrist Saturday night but there's no way in giving in. I took some cooling on it and the swelling went back by the end of the day. Grit your teeth and get to it! It's been great fun riding here at Frohburg, especially with having a team mate such as Michael Dunlop. The fans here are mega, we've been signing autographs all the time. They are that "crazy" that they take pictures on their own during the morning sessions, get them printed and get their autograph at the afternoon on it. It is amazing what kind of passion they have here. This track was real fun to ride and at the end I found a good way round here. I want to thank the whole Team Penz13.com for being part of this race! I'll be back for sure!

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