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Metzeler Equips Husqvarna Motorcycles with Tourance EXP and Enduro 3 Sahara Tires From a press release from Metzeler

Metzeler Equips Husqvarna Motorcycles with Tourance EXP and Enduro 3 Sahara Tires

Written by  on Thursday, 06 September 2012 16:06

Jerez de la Frontera – Metzeler has recently announced that the Husqvarna TR650 Strada and Husqvarna Terra motorcycles will be sold standard with Metzeler's tires. The TR650 Strada will come equipped with the Tourance EXP tires in 110/80 R19 on the front and 140/80 R17 at the rear while the Terra will have Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tire in 90/90 21M/Con the front and 140/80 17M/C at the rear.

The Tourance EXP tire, standard equipment on the TR650 Strada, stands out for the way it ensures maximum performance in “sport touring” riding. With an aggressive design and benchmark performance, the Tourance EXP meets needs such as stability, long life and road holding in the wet, thanks to Metzeler's advanced technology applied to the various components of this product. Compound, structure, tread pattern: all of the elements were designed to provide maximum performance.

Metzeler engineers developed a compound that guarantees maximum performance in any conditions and a quick warm-up time. All this is possible with the use of latest generation polymers which ensure lower tire rigidity in the cold andgreater rigidity – improving stability – when it is up to temperature. Its excellent performance in the wet stems from the use of a particular ratio of carbon black and silica which improves grip on cold, moist and wet surfaceswithout affecting dry performance. The high mileage was obtained through the use of chemical agents which, acting during the curing process of the tire, allow reinforcement of the compound’s internal structure. Finally, the application of “Cap & Base” technology through the use of variable rigidity compounds from the structure to the tread allows the stress suffered by the tire to be distributed in the best possible way,thereby increasing stability.

The zero degrees spiraled steel belt on both the front and rear, combined with a lightweight carcass and with an optimized structure, ensures the highest level of handling and precision athigh speeds, with a contact surface optimized for any situation.

The front and rear tires were designed so that their combined efforts would provide the best result possible, translating into optimum stability both in braking and at high speed, as well as greater precision in turns, thanks to the "A-B-A" pattern where the steel weave is arranged in such a way to ensure variable rigidity between the central and lateral parts of the tread. This provides a longer contact area and a much more progressive profile which guarantees maximum precision at any lean angle. The use of this solution has made this set immune to any possible problems with shimmying (fluttering of the front wheel) and kickback (front backlash)

The tread pattern was made in such a way to ensure maximum performance both on and off road. The large knobs allow for an extended contact area, while their pattern was designed to maximize water dispersal on wet asphalt and, thanks to the accentuated angles, to ensure off road traction at the same time. All this, plus a quiet and comfortable ride.

The TR650 Terra, on the other hand, can count on Enduro 3 Sahara, tires with excellent street performance but off-road attitude, intended for riders who are always looking for maximum riding pleasure on any terrain.

These tires are characterized by a conventional structure with a Rayon fiber carcass that reduces weight and improves off road performance. The reduction of the angle between the various layers of the carcass allows for a more compact tire (80 at the rear and 90 at the front), reducing deformations and providing greater directional stability. The benefits for the biker translate into greater stability in turns, more precise lines and greater comfort.

The special Enduro 3 Sahara compound was developed to provide perfect grip on the road and excellent off road traction, thanks inpart to the very compact and resistant structure of the knobs. In fact, thegeometric profile of the tread knobs was developed to achieve high self-cleaning capacity of the contact area. This allows the rider to make more precise lines, preventing slippage on muddy terrain.

The optimized tread design, with its particular longitudinal and lateral distribution of the knobs, guarantees more support on the shoulder areas for better grip in leans and steadier behavior when pushing the bike to its limits. The "V" shape of the knob distribution with a continuous development of the grooves provides excellent stability at high speeds, good water drainage and optimum off road traction.

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