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The all new Sena Technologies SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Transmitter The all new Sena Technologies SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Transmitter

Sena Technologies Introduces Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

Written by  on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 11:10

Sena Technologies has announced the introduction of their Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter, the SM10. The SM10 is a groundbreaking and first of its kind Bluetooth stereo audio adapter aftermarket product and is based on Bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology.

Motorcycle riders are able to connect audio devices such as mobile phones or MP3 players with the SM10. It also supports onboard audio systems of specific brands by using optional audio cables. The dual streaming feature of the SM10 allows both the rider and the passenger to listen to the same music or radio station, even wirelessly, at the same time through Bluetooth headsets. The SM10 has an aux audio input that enables the rider to connect additional non-Bluetooth audio devices such as a radar/laser detector or a GPS navigator.

"Our most important job here at Sena is to listen to our customers and work to meet their needs," said Tae Kim, President and CEO of Sena Technologies Inc. "Our users have seen a similar technology application from a motorcycle manufacturer. Customers let us know they would be interested in a unit that lets both the rider and the passenger on a motorcycle have the same audio experience and we’re happy to say the SM10 provides this unique and amazing option." 

While the SM10 pairs best with Sena's SMH10 or SMH5 Bluetooth headset/intercom, the SM10 may actually be paired with nearly any Bluetooth headset available. Sena's SMH10 headset/intercom allows up to four riders or passengers to communicate on the road via intercom at the same time, and connects to one's mobile phone, GPS, mp3 player all wirelessly.

The SMH5 allows two riders or one rider and one passenger to communicate via intercom and does everything the SMH10 does, though provides a slightly shorter battery charge and talk time and has a shorter intercom talk distance. 

As technology updates for the SM10 become available, users may download and install these firmware upgrades at no cost by using manager software based on Windows or Mac platforms.
The SM10 supports a two-year warranty for peace of mind for all customers.

The SM10 retails for $149 and is available immediately. For more information on the SM10, visit www.SenaBluetooth.com

Look for Inside Motorcycles review of the SMH10 system that this transmitter works with in issue 15.04 coming out soon! The SMH5 system was covered in the products section of our latest print issue, 15.03.

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