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ANLAS has always been a pioneer, in creating and introducing unique products such as the “WINTERGRIP PLUS”, the only real winter tyre for Motorcycles with ‘summer tyre equal speed ratings’, and “zero degree” belt technology. Determined for further success ANLAS considered focusing on “Speedway”, a racing discipline well-liked and getting more popularly accepted day by day.

This was to further master our technical abilities for innovation, against the severe challenges imposed by the harsh and demanding conditions of Speedway racing as well as to aid boosting the ‘Brand Awareness’. The decision was made to design a new product, and offer a ‘New Concept’ which will perform better and safer. This tyre offers a major breakthrough regarding safety and performance especially in being a “‘tubeless tyre”. Through innovative design and development processes ongoing for one and half years now, ANLAS has a ‘new concept’, that we are confident will make every Speedway rider very happy.

The tubeless characteristic improves the safety to a great extent. This design concept eliminates the inner tube, reduces overall weight and enhances the tyre to a near perfect uniformity, imparting the best stability on the track. The “tubeless” design was developed for our tubeless tyre and the Kineo Wheel to complement each other for the best match.

Being confident that ANLAS has an innovative tyre-wheel system ready for an exclusive performance, we have decided to step on the scene; and play an active role in Speedway to share the spirit, challenge and fun as well as promoting the brand further Worldwide.

In accordance, ANLAS became the Of cial Tyre Supplier for The Speedway Grand Prix, as well for The Speedway World Cup Series, upon discussions with BSI Speedway Ltd for the upcoming three seasons.

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