Check Out the NEW CATALOG and 2016 Aerostich R-3 Upgrade Packages‏ !

Check Out the NEW CATALOG and 2016 Aerostich R-3 Upgrade Packages‏ !

Written by  Aerostich on Friday, 01 April 2016 11:54

@AerostichDesign • (April 1, 2016)- The new 2016 Aerostich catalog is the largest ever at 292 pages and contains over 150 all-new items and dozens of brand-new Aerostich products, including two significant upgrade packages for their popular R-3 one piece suits.

Both new R-3 suit packages provide notable function and appearance changes. These new upgrades are the ‘R-3 Extra-Tech package’ and the ‘R-3 Retro-Tech package’.

The optional ‘Extra-Tech’ package adds numerous precise little pockets plus decorative sections of intentionally contrasting fabrics and colors so riders can appear supremely competent and capable, no matter how skillfully (or not) they may actually ride.

“But wait, there’s more...”: Built in coffee maker? Check. Emergency parachute? Check. Universal nightlight holders? Check. Deployable chaff screens? Check. Calibrated phase-change monitors? Check. SCUBA tank attachment points? Check. This new optional upgrade insures any rider will easily out-tech everyone else.

With the ‘Retro-Tech’ package riders can Get Real, Get Authentic and Get Steve McQueen. This R-3 upgrade option adds the essence of clean, pure classic gear. Specific features include a 100% selvedge cotton outer fabric over-layer with an artisanal wax finish of refined Narwhale semen (renewably harvested, we did not ask how). Buttons replace the usual zippers, all reflective areas have been deleted, all vents removed, and all external pockets feature old-school flaps. The core TF impact armor remains but has been shaved down to a minimally intrusive size so on casual view it looks missing. This one is available in either lumberjack red-black check or traditional plaid flannel, and everything is fully certified organic and Fair Trade. It’s the perfect R-3 Upgrade for whenever appearance counts most, or at least where other genuine hipsters are nearby.

These new Aerostich R-3 riding suit upgrade packages, along with over 150 other all-new items can be found in the 2016 Aerostich Catalog. All-new items include the Aerostich Horseshoe Sprocket and Horseshoe Gear Holder, Ultra-Light Stealth Shelter, Insulated Competition Elkskin Roper Gloves, and dozens of other riding, camping, electronics, books and other moto-accessories -- plus a bunch of customer-supplied photos, sidebar articles, guides and a few ‘Easter Eggs’ to keep things interesting.

The 292 page catalog is free when placing an order, or can be mailed to you separately for $10 with an included coupon code good for $10 OFF your next order. And a complete digital version of the New 2016 catalog will also available at in a few weeks.

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