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LeoVince USA Unleashes High Power, Low Cost   Race Systems for 250 Owners

LeoVince USA Unleashes High Power, Low Cost Race Systems for 250 Owners

Written by  on Monday, 23 April 2012 14:58

RICHMOND, CA - LeoVince USA has begun shipping the new GP Corsa Exhaust for Honda & Kawasaki 250 Sportbikes, giving 250 owners the option to lightweight horsepower in a sleek design package at a ridiculously reasonable price.

Tim Calhoun, Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA, couldn't be more enthusiastic: "this is the most affordable SBK full racing system we have ever delivered to market. The full system MSRP starts at just $299.00 for the CBR250 and $569.00 for the Ninja 250. This full system is low cost but it will provide big gains for these 250 Sportbikes."  

Like all LeoVince products the new GP Corsa system features a striking design, is lightweight and, as Calhoun notes, offers significant horsepower gain. The GP Corsa system allows 250 racers to shed more than 13 pounds on the CBR and over 9 pounds on the Ninja when replacing the stock exhaust. In testing on LeoVince USA's Dynojet Dyno the CBR recognized a ten percent gain in power and the Ninja posted an astonishing twenty eight percent gain in power.   

"We put as much testing and research into this system as our premium products. Our mandate was to help these smaller displacement bikes improve in every aspect, both track and street, and we have realized that goal," Calhoun explains.

The GP Corsa offers two canister options - Carbon Fiber and Aluminum - while offering serious gains for the cost of a slip on. This high performance, low cost system is certain to be popular with growing numbers of 250 owners, and now thanks to the opening of the new LeoVince USA distribution center in Indianapolis, IN dealers east of the Rockies can get their systems in two to three days transit time.

For more detailed information about this system or the full range of GP Corsa products visit www.LeoVinceUSA.com or call 510-232-4040 and speak to one of our excellent product information specialists.

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