Suzuki Introduces New 2016 SV650‏

Suzuki Introduces New 2016 SV650‏

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@suzukicycles • In 1999, Suzuki released the original SV650. The motorcycle was designed to deliver fun of V-twin sport riding for all riders. The SV650 instantly became a rider’s phenomenon around the world. Not only was this universal motorcycle well-suited for streets but it was right at home on the racetrack too.

It was an extremely light and quick turning motorcycle and throttle response is immediate and strong. But it's also forgiving and easy to ride. Therefore, any rider can ride with confidence, and anyone can feel the fun of lightweight V-twin Sport on winding roads or racetrack.

In 2003, Suzuki updated the SV650/S with higher performance and more sporty character with fuel injection.

Even in today’s V-twin cup of local club racing, the starting grids are still filled with many SV650’s.

The SV650 is arguably the best motorcycle for many people.

In 2009, Suzuki introduced SFV650 to meet the growing demands for more fashionable and more reasonable priced middle-class street bike.

These lightweight sport roadsters are powered by 90-degree V-twin engine. In today’s 600-700cc class, models from other brands are mostly powered by parallel two or four cylinder engine. The reason why Suzuki keeps offering the V-twin roadster is, we value the uniqueness that only V-twin engine can offer.

- Linear power character throughout the rev range

- Slim and lightweight chassis

- V-twin’s unique beat and rumble

- The great package any rider can feel joy of riding

For 2016, Suzuki introduces SV650 once again with more clear focus on the above mentioned V-twin character. New SV 650 has greater engine performance, class-leading fuel economy, lighter weight and sportier package in an affordable price range.

Raising the original “V-twin fun machine” concept even higher with latest Suzuki innovations, the SV650’s newest version now sets a higher standard.

The product concept of SV650 is;

“Back to its origin”

The core of SV650’s concept is delivering the fun of V-twin sports for all riders, in slim, simple and lightweight package.

Fun to ride

The 645 cc DOHC 90° V-twin engine of the SFV650 is refined with more than 60 new parts. It produces increased max-power while conforming to Euro4 emission requirement.

 The V-twin engine delivers deep rumble in low rev range, strong and linear torque in mid-range, smoothly runs up to high rpm range in controllable manner.

 By redesigning more than 140 parts and components (engine and chassis parts combined), the curb mass is reduced by 8 kg (ABS model) with the “Back to its origin” concept. Its slim and lightweight chassis provides super-agile handling performance, yet it has forgiving character.

Easy riding

·          Newly featured, “Low RPM Assist” helps rider in launching and running at lower rpm.

·          Newly featured, “Suzuki Easy Start” simplifies rider’s operation in engine starting.

·          Narrow bodyworks and lightweight chassis is easy to maneuver.

·          Seat height is 785mm, one of the lowest in the class*.


·         Fuel economy is improved, the best in class* 3.84L/100km.

·         New full LCD instrument cluster provides a lot of information.

* 600cc-800cc, on-road street bike class. In WMTC mode test cycle.

Engine design overview

The liquid-cooled, DOHC, 645cm3 90°V-twin engine comes with more than 60 pieces of redesigned parts and components. It delivers strong torque in the low-to-mid rpm range and higher max power and better fuel economy while meeting new EURO4 emission control.

The new engine runs smoothly up to high rpm and features powerful yet controllable engine characteristics ensuring in a wide range of riding scenes from winding roads to highway cruising and riding along a congested street.

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