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Dua Motorsports Highlights RACE Superseries Contingency Payout 2012 From a press release from Dua Motorsports

Dua Motorsports Highlights RACE Superseries Contingency Payout 2012

Written by  on Monday, 01 October 2012 16:45

Dua Motorsports' support of Ontario's regional race series was exemplified at the last round of the RACE Superseries for 2012 as the top seven riders in the Pro Superbike class were paid out a total of $3550.00 in Dua Dollars contingency.

In addition to the Dua Dollars payout, Rahul Dua of Dua Motorsports and GoLo Racing also announced a cash payout to the top three riders in the premiere division.

The Dua Dollars payout was as follows:

Michael Leon. Beaconsfield PQ $1000.00
Sean Huffman. Kemptville ON $750.00
Kristopher Garvie. Caledon ON $500.00
Steve Walker. Carleton Place ON $300.00
Andrew Nelson. Kars ON $250.00
Aubrey Bailey. Parry Sound ON $250.00
Francois Dumas. St. Raymond PQ $250.00

Michael Leon won the RACE Superseries number one plate and recieved the lion's share of the cash payout pocketing an additional $250.00. Sean Huffman raked in $150.00 and Kristopher Garvie netted $100.00 for his third place finish in the final standings.

Dua Motorsports will be announcing the payout to the Ontario regional SOAR series at completion of their 2012 season later this month.

Through the Mopar Canadian National Superbike Series and the regional race series in Nova Scotia by ARL and including the two Ontario series RACE and SOAR, Dua Motorsports has contributed over $15,000.00 to Canadian roadracing this year.

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