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Liberty Racing Confirms Absence from Moscow

Liberty Racing Confirms Absence from Moscow

Written by  on Thursday, 16 August 2012 07:43

The Effenbert Liberty Racing team that fields Canadian Brett McCormick has announced that they will not be attending the upcoming eni World Superbike Championship round in Moscow, Russia.

 Instead, the Czech Team management has decided to focus its efforts on a constructive reorganization of its human, technical and logistical resources for the next racing season.

According to a statement from the Liberty Racing Team, "The team is looking to the present by projecting its investment towards the future and on the basis of this consideration, the Liberty Racing Team has consciously decided not to take part in the Moscow Grand Prix, which will take place during the last weekend of August and it represents the absolute premiere on Russian soil for the  production-based racing series."

The Liberty Racing team will return to racing on September 9 at the Nürburgring circuit, and in the meantime are overhauling its staff and planning for next year, when the Liberty Racing will be at the start of the World Superbike Championship determined to improve its results.

Canadian Brett McCormick, who most recently was turning laps at Le Circuit Mont Tremblant in Quebec, is also expected to return to the World Superbike grid at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany next month. McCormik joined the team for the last round at Silverstone and was able to get back on his bike after his long absence from his injury at Assen. McCormick's test on the English circuit, showed that he is mentally ready for racing, but not yet fully recovered from physical point of view. 

Judging from his spirits at Mont Tremblant, it looks like is ready to return to World Superbike action.

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