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McCormick Clears Medical for Silverstone; Slated to ride Friday’s First Superbike Session Inside Motorcycles exclusive by Colin Fraser/ photo by Colin Fraser

McCormick Clears Medical for Silverstone; Slated to ride Friday’s First Superbike Session

Written by  on Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:18

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Brett McCormick spent Thursday, August 2 in the paddock under the grand “Wing” pit and service building at Silverstone reconnecting with his Liberty Racing-Team Effenbert Ducati squad after his recent three months of rehabilitation.  McCormick suffered hand and neck injuries at round three of the eni Superbike World Championship at Assen in the Netherlands at the end of April and has been off the grid.

“It’s great to be back, to see everyone, catch up,” explained McCormick.  “I really enjoy the whole spirit within our team, and you miss that environment when you’re not riding.  Obviously, I couldn’t ride for the past few months, but I’ve been following the team all through my recovery and got the see the guys when the series was at Salt Lake (Utah) in June.”

McCormick received Medical Clearance from the FIM in the afternoon following a check-up from a doctor affiliated with the British Superbike Championship.  “She paid special attention to the area of my neck where the injury occurred,” confirmed McCormick of his trip to the infield clinic.  “My neck gets tighter when I don’t get to exercise and ride, so they want to have a look at me tomorrow after the first session.”

McCormick also wanted to set the record straight surrounding recent reports that he paid for his ride with the Liberty-Effenbert Ducati program.  “It’s frustrating when you’re laid up in Saskatchewan and rumors like these start,” said McCormick. 

“There just isn’t much I can do in a situation like this, and you wonder why this kind of talk starts when you’re not around,” admitted McCormick. “This is another reason why it is good to be back on track.” 

“I don’t pay race teams to put my neck on the line,” continued McCormick, laughing.  “I’m a professional racer and I appreciate the opportunity to race on the world stage, but I don’t pay to race. I’m grateful to get help from personal sponsors like Alpinestars, Shoei, Purolator, Parts Canada and Jet labels.”     

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