OFTR Press Release Regarding Road Access for Green Plate Motorcycles

Written by  The Ontario Federation of Trail Riders on Monday, 06 July 2020 15:31

The Ontario Federation of Trail Riders want to thank the Ford Government and Hon. Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney for all their assistance and support for Off Road Motorcycles in Ontario. On July 1st, 2020 regulation changes were brought into effect to allow Green Plate Motorcycles access to several provincial roads. This was the final piece for the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, 2019 that was passed in December 2019. For many years the OFTR has been working on getting the same permissions as the other off road vehicles in Ontario.

Working alongside the OFTR, other administrations such as law enforcement, the motorcycle industry, tourism partners and many others have encouraged the Ontario government make the necessary changes to allow Green Plate Motorcycles to use the shoulder of the road for trail linkage. There is still a lot of work to do at the municipal levels to allow off road motorcycles access to municipal roads but at this time off road motorcycles are allowed to use a great number of provincial roads. There is an attached schedule to this document that details which roads are currently legal to ride on with a Green Plate Off Road Motorcycle. Please refer to the schedule of Provincial Roads. Green Plate Motorcycles are not legal on Municipal Roads at this time as the municipalities will have to amend or pass by-laws to allow Green Plate Off Road Motorcycles on their municipal roads. There are also several conditions that also must be met to allow the Off Road Motorcycle to legally ride on the shoulder of the road.

“off-road motorcycle” means an off-road vehicle, designed primarily for recreational use that:
(a) has steering handlebars,
(b) has two wheels, the tires of which are all in contact with the ground,
(c) has a minimum wheel rim diameter of 250 millimetres,
(d) has a minimum wheelbase of 1,016 millimetres,
(e) has a seat that is designed to be straddled by the driver,
(f) is designed to carry a driver only and no passengers, and
(g) doesnothaveasidecar;
(As copied from Ontario Regulation 316/03)

Below are the regulations that pertain to the use of the shoulder of the road for all Off-Road Vehicles. Please read them carefully and obey them.

The OFTR encourages riders to obey all traffic laws and ride responsibly and respectfully at all times either on the trail or on the shoulder of the road.

Again the OFTR wants to thank the government of Ontario for supporting these changes and encouraging people to get out and enjoy the beautiful province of Ontario.

Arthur Ash
Ontario Federation of Trail Riders

The complete OFTR press release including the above referenced documents an be viewed by clicking here.

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