Jukasa Motor Speedway Late Model Summer Shootout

Jukasa Motor Speedway Late Model Summer Shootout

Written by  Jukasa Motor Speedway Media on Monday, 01 May 2017 17:01

NELLES CORNERS, ON – As previously announced in December and January, Jukasa Motor Speedway will host the APC Series Twin 75’s for Pro Late Models along with a 75-lap event for the Outlaw Super Late Models with each 75 lap race paying $5,000.00 to the winner at the Speedway’s inaugural event the Late Model Summer Shootout.


In addition to what will be one of the biggest collection of star drivers at one event in Canada, the track has added a visit from Jordan Szoke’s Extreme Show.

This will feature two Trials demonstrations with Jordan, his wife Amy and their 5 year-old son Wolf, plus a Free Style Motocross show on the front stretch. These events will be held between races and prior to the start of the first race on Sunday.

“We want our Inaugural event at JMS to be memorable and with one of the most impressive group of Late Model Stock Car drivers Canada will see this year and the addition of the Jordan Szoke Extreme show this is a motorsports weekend that will not be forgotten and is definitely one you don’t want to miss”, said Alex Nagy Jukasa’s General Manager. “Watch for more additions to the Late Model Summer Shootout as we get closer.”

When asked about being part of the inaugural event Jordan Szoke said, “We are really excited to be at the re-opening of Jukasa Motor Speedway and are really impressed with the new facilities. We hope we can bring some real excitement to the day. It should be a lot of fun.” 

About Jordan Szoke      www.jordanszoke.com 

Jordan is one the most talented motorcycle riders this country has produced and he has already been inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame while still winning championships. Some of his accomplishments are listed below:

•          21 National Titles

•          Reigning CSBK Superbike Champion (11 in total)

•          10 successive National Superbike and Supersport Championships

•          Most Superbike Championships in Canadian History

•          Most Superbike wins in Canadian History

•          3 National Superbike titles won with a"Perfect Season"

•          4 “Team of the Year” Titles

•          5 National Sportbike Championships

•          Represented at the Suzuka 8 hour Endurance

•          Rode at Valencia - Moto GP

•          4 CMA Canadian Observed Trials Championship

About Jukasa  Motor Speedway : Jukasa Motor Speedway is a .625-mile paved speedway located in Hagersville, Ontario, Canada. The track first opened in 1966 as Cayuga Speedway and remained opened until it ceased regular operations in 2010. The track was purchased in 2016 by co-owners Kenny Hill and Jerry Montour and is undergoing extensive renovations. Among the changes at the facility include a complete redesign and asphalt recovering of the racing surface and upgrades for competitors and fans throughout the entire 350 acre site. The facility can also accommodate nearly 1,000 campsites with many offering service to campers. For more information on Jukasa Motor Speedway visit their Facebook page at Jukasa Motor Speedway or www.jukasamotorspeedway.com

From Alex Nagy, General Manager Jukasa Motor Speedway

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