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ATA 2014 SEason Finale- Round 4- October 5, 2014 ATA 2014 SEason Finale- Round 4- October 5, 2014 photo: Bob Szoke

Szoke’s Return to Two Wheels‏

Written by  on Monday, 06 October 2014 15:07

On Sunday, August 10th, Jordan Szoke, defending Canadian Superbike Champion and the defending Canadian National Observed Trials Champion, suffered multiple fractures of his right thumb.  Resulting in surgery to repair the extensive damage, ending his bid for both of his defending championship titles.  Szoke's season came to a screeching halt.

"The end of the season means so much to us obviously with all the titles on the line, but also the off road events we do like the Trials des Nations and the Corduroy Enduro.  I was crushed to see it all come to an end so quickly." says Szoke shortly after his surgery held at the Royal Victoria Hospital, in Barrie, Ontario, at the hands of Dr. Kennith Dickie.

Eight short weeks later Szoke is back on two wheels in a large way.  Claiming victory by a 17 point margin at his hometown ATA Series Finale Observed Trials Championship held at the beautiful Scenic Drive trail location.

"A few days ago we were messing around at our local grass tracks and I was just itching to get back on the bike.  I grabbed my Sherco Enduro and putted around a bit, then we started kicking it up a notch or two." says an excited Szoke.  "I've been able to get back on the bicycle in the past few weeks, and the decision to ride the trial was last minute.  I didn't expect much I just wanted to have a little fun, but winning it was pretty sweet."

Szoke had the pins removed that were placed in his thumb during surgery to hold the proximal phalange bone and his distal phalange bone together on Sept 2nd by Dr Richard Inman.  The extensor tendon was also reattached during the procedure.

"I wasn't in much pain while I was riding, although the full movement of my thumb will take some more rehab.  I'm just thankful it doesn't affect me much on the bike.  I can hardly wait for next season, I will be back in a large way." smiles Szoke.




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