Alberta-based WC Distributing is bringing the Lightning electric SportBike into Canada for 2015. Alberta-based WC Distributing is bringing the Lightning electric SportBike into Canada for 2015. Photo courtesy Lightning Motorcycles

Big happenings at WC Distributing

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These are busy days at WC Distributing. The Heisler, AB parts and bike dealer, importer and distributor has a variety of projects on the go for the coming months, highlighted by new distribution deals and a foray into its own motorcycle production business.

The major development for the company is an arrangement that will see it become the Canadian importer and distributor for Hyosung motorcycles, re-establishing a presence in this country for the Korean brand.

“At this point in the year the priority is to start bringing in 2015 models,” said Sven Bernard, the managing director of WC Distributing. “We’re also going to stock up in parts for existing models and part of my goal is to find new dealers and build on that.”

Hyosung currently has an existing network of 22 dealers, Bernard said, but many of them are inactive.

WC Distributing is also handling the importing and distribution of a pair of prominent electric bike brands, Brammo and Lightning.

The 2015 Brammo Empulse features a six-speed transmission, and produces 54hp, 66 ft-lbs. or torque and is capable of a top speed of 110 mph. It retails for $20,495.

The real showpiece, however, is the Lightning LS-218 SportBike, which is publicized as the fastest production motorcycle in the world – capable of top speeds of 218 mph.

“Lightning approached me about becoming the Canadian importer and distributor,” Bernard explained. “We’ve just started with Transport Canada approval but we plan to hit the major motorcycle shows with it this winter.

“This is a very special motorcycle,” Bernard added, pointing out the Lightning’s $40,000 price tag. “You’re only going to find it available in the major towns. It’s a very exclusive bike.”

WC’s most ambitious plans involve the production of its own motorcycle models, under the Williams-Bernard name. The proposed line-up includes a chopper based on the Johnny Pag Spyder but equipped with a 650cc Hyosung V-Twin engine (among its products WC Distributing also handles the Johnny Pag line from the noted California-based builder), a similar chopper but using as 320cc parallel twin engine, and an 800cc trike featuring a CVT automatic transmission.

“The trike is going to be built from scratch, it’s not a conversion,” Bernard pointed out. “This is going to be completely designed and built here.”

Bernard plans to create a production line at the company’s Alberta base with the capacity to initially produce a bike a day, or 24 motorcycles a month, with a goal of rolling out product for the 2016 model year.

“If the demand is there, then we can double or triple up the production,” Bernard said. “But I think it’s going to be very exciting having Canadian products available to motorcycle enthusiasts.”

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