DUA Motorsports Announces SOAR Contingency Winners

DUA Motorsports Announces SOAR Contingency Winners

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DUA Motorsports is pleased to announce the winners of the DUA Dollars contingency payout to the Rookies Cup class in the Southern Ontario Association of Racing (SOAR) 2012 race series. The following winnings are in DUA Dollars, redeemable exclusively with Dua Motorsports.

Top SOAR DUA Dollars winners were.
Phil Leckie: London Ont. $1000.00
Mitch Card: Ripley Ont. $750.00
Tomasz Chudyk: Kichener Ont. $500.00
Tomasz Kuzydlowski: Kitchener Ont. $300.00
Tim Hantz: Delhi Ont. $250.00
Jamie Young: North York Ont. $250.00
Matt Ferraz: Camebridge Ont. $250.00

The SOAR series was the final race series to be completed in eastern Canada and was one of three regional race series supported by DUA Motorsports. The RACE Superseries also enjoyed DUA Motorsports support in their Pro Superbike class with DUA Dollars contingency to the top seven riders and a cash payout to the top three. In addition, the Atlantic Roadracing League's Amatuer Superbike division benefited from DUA Motorsports sponsorship.

In the 2012 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship series, DUA Motorsports provided a one thousand dollar contingency cheque to the winner of the Amatuer Superbike class at each of the six races held. At the race at Atlantic Motorsports Park, DUA Motorsports paid an additional $1,000.00 to the second place racer (Trevor Daley) when GoLo Racing/DUA Motorsports-sponsored rider Austin Shaw-O Leary won the final.

DUA Motorsports contributed over $15,000.00 in prizes and cash to Canadian regional and national motorcycle roadracing in Canada in 2012.

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