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Kawasaki Out of Canadian Superbike Series Photo Courtesy of Richard Coburn

Kawasaki Out of Canadian Superbike Series

Written by  on Wednesday, 21 September 2011 15:07

Canadian Kawasaki Motors has announced their official withdrawal from participation in the Canadian Superbike Series. In an email to friends and media colleagues yesterday evening, Canadian Kawasaki's Jeff Comello stated, "Its with sadness that I inform of Canadian Kawasaki Motors decision to withdraw from the Canadian Superbike Championship."

With a long history of supporting road racing in Canada, the manufacturer who holds a number of Canadian Superbike titles sites the severe economic downturn that continues to affect the industry

as the reason for their withdrawal. According to their press release "without the full support of all manufacturers, Canadian Kawasaki Motors was forced to re-evaluate its future racing investment and direction."

Canadian Kawasaki Motors will ensure that all Kawasaki riders are able to participate with the homologation of current Kawasaki models, and assures us that "we eagerly await the opportunity to officially re-enter the sport as market conditions improve."

Frontline CSBK Inc., organizer of the Canadian Superbike Series, responded to the news today thanking Canadian Kawasaki for their long-time support. "Kawasaki has always been a cornerstone of our series here in Canada," explained Frontline principal Kevin Graham, "they not only won on a regular basis but they have helped form and build our series."

The news comes at a time when the road racing series in Canada is already struggling and brings into question the future of the Canadian Superbike Series. Here's hoping the folks at Frontline CSBK can drum up some support over the long winter months ahead.

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