Town Moto had its official Grand Opening Party on June 7. Town Moto had its official Grand Opening Party on June 7. Photos and story by Graeme Jones

Town Moto Grand Opening in Toronto

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It's not often that a new motorcycle store opens up in Ontario these days, and even less so in Toronto, a city with a real love/hate relationship with two wheelers.  Having said that, it was nice to hear that a new moto retail shop was opening up in the trendy west end of downtown Toronto.


Owners Andrew McCracken and Marika Thoms


Andrew McCracken and Marika Thoms quietly opened up Town Moto at 132 Ossington Ave (between Queen and Dundas) on May 3, but had their official Grand Opening Party on June 7. The store was buzzing with rockers, mods, hipsters and a whole lot of vintage motorcycle riders (there were upwards of 50 bikes lined up outside).  Town Moto is unabashedly retro, targeting a market of riders on bobbers, cafe racers, Triumph Bonnevilles and Honda 350s more than those on sport bikes, cruisers and big tourers (owners McCracken and Thoms both own Bonnies). The pictures tell it all - retro Bell and Biltwell helmets, bubble shields, goggles, classic riding jackets, quirky pocketbook magazines (I had to grab a copy of Sideburn), plus retro film posters and old gas cans for ambiance. 

While they don't perform any hands-on motorcycle service, Town Moto does stock everything from oil to polish to Clymer manuals and multi-tools on top of a huge range of head-to-toe riding gear and classic t-shirts.  The sign above the cash says they can even help you locate hard-to-find products. And while retro is their niche, they offer contemporary stuff like Arai helmets too.

The hot rod/rockabilly trend is thriving in the Queen West area of Toronto, and Town Moto proudly serves up classic motorcycle culture that you won't find in your average bike shop. McCracken and Thoms are sure to build a tight and dedicated following.



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