Rider Training Institute successfully lobbies Toronto City Council

Written by  Rider Training Institute on Thursday, 28 June 2018 10:56

The Rider Training Institute has successfully lobbied Toronto City Councillors to forward a motion containing the most comprehensive set of motorcycle related policy changes ever proposed in a Canadian municipality.

The proposals set forth in the motion, drafted by RTI in collaboration with Toronto Council Staff, focus on encouraging motorcycle use in 4 key areas:

1. Secure Parking: a request that the city expand the number of dedicated motorcycle & scooter parking zones currently in place, and to begin immediate ticketing of prohibited vehicles parked within those zones.
2. Access to Reserved Lanes: a request that motorcycles be allowed access to a number of dedicated public transit & taxi cab lanes in the downtown core, as well as on municipal expressways.
3. Lane Filtering Pilot: a request that the city investigate a pilot project that would allow motorcycles to filter between other vehicles, and only up to active stop lights, along the Richmond and Adelaide Street corridors in downtown Toronto.

RTI’s success in pushing this motion forward follows its success last year in lobbying the city to include motorcycles as one of the vulnerable road using populations identified for special consideration in Toronto’s Vision Zero plan.

Since beginning its lobbying efforts 4 years ago, RTI has realized an unprecedented level of success in persuading public officials to take motorcycle policy issues seriously, and to recognize the role motorcyclists can play in helping to relieve traffic congestion.

About RTI: Since 2001 the Rider Training Institute (RTI) has offered comprehensive motorcycle licensing and skills development training throughout locations across Ontario. From our inception, thousands of seasoned and novice riders alike, from all walks of life and skill levels, have chosen the Rider Training Institute as an ongoing partner towards developing long term safe and enjoyable motorcycling careers.

Media Enquiries: Sharron St Croix, Executive Director 416-516-6151

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