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Avon Tires 3D Ultra Launch Earns Impressive Reviews

Avon Tires 3D Ultra Launch Earns Impressive Reviews

Written by  on Thursday, 24 May 2012 20:24
From a press release from Avon Tires: Stow, OH – Avon Tires officially launched the new 3D Ultra Sport, Supersport and Xtreme tires at the Almeria circuit in Spain this March to surprising reviews.
Discerning customers and journalists from Europe and around the world put the 3D Ultra range through its paces on the 2.6-mile track in a variety of conditions with overwhelmingly positive results.

Three-time Superbike champion and ex-500cc GP star Niall Mackenzie stated, “Riding on both the Supersport and Xtreme on the track made me realize that these (tires) are as good as anything I’ve used on a track day for many years. It’s a brave move for Avon to take on some of the more popular (products) in this sector of sport tires, but they’ve done a really good job.”

Rob Hoyles, former British Superstock racer and motorcycle journalist said, “I’d happily fit these tires to any sportbike on any track day. They are superb.”

The 3D Ultra Sport is a high performance street tire that utilizes a Triple Extrusion (TE) compound; a durable rubber compound in the center to increase mileage, softer super rich silica (SRS) compound on the shoulders to improve grip, and a third compound underneath that binds them together to prevent tire overheating. 3D siping improves stability and reduces flex, and a large footprint delivers outstanding handling on the street.

The 3D Ultra Supersport offers all the benefits of a high- performance street tire, with the added benefits of superior performance on the track. Developed with a special high- performance race compound and 3D siping, this tire transitions easily from the street to the track to deliver maximum grip and precise handling at higher speeds in a variety of weather or pavement conditions.

The 3D Ultra Xtreme is specially formulated using a super sticky race compound for ultra-high performance on the track. It reaches optimum temperature quickly to deliver the ultimate grip and reliable stability for precise handling and agility in dryconditions and at high speeds. The large footprint delivers solid handling at lean angles, through hard turning, hard braking, and quick acceleration.

Further information about Avon tires can be found at:  http://www.avonmoto.com 

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