Blade Revamps Handlebar Lineup

Blade Revamps Handlebar Lineup

Written by  Joe Fragapane/ Brand Manager- Motovan Corporation | on Thursday, 27 October 2016 10:33

@MotovanCorp •(October 27, 2016)- We’re proud to introduce several new Blade product offerings, from the ultra durable Steel Series Handlebar to the aerospace grade Profile Series Aluminum Handlebar.

Our lineup has been completely revamped and now features a bold new look and a wealth of options, all at very attractive price points. From the use of select materials, like aluminum alloy, to a shot peened & anodized finish (for an optimal fatigue life), no detail has been overlooked.

In addition, our handlebars and crossbar pads are easily customizable, with several bend options and colours available.

“A few years ago, Blade innovated with its patented “Triple Y” technology, which added rigidity and reduced vibration in the handlebars. Today, technology has evolved once again and we now rely on advanced metallurgy and choose only the best aerospace grade alloys for our bars,” says Francois-Olivier Dagneau, Blade Product Development Manager.

For more information on Blade products, please visit our new, consumer friendly website at www.bladebarz. com.

About Us: Developed almost ten years ago to address the consumer need for a durable, yet affordable handlebar, Blade has consistently delivered on these features. From the very beginning, we’ve been a part of the North American racing community, on a local, provincial/state and national level. In addition, Blade is delighted to support Motovan’s Black Rider Program by supplying its new and improved handlebars to several top motocross riders.

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