Ultralight Bike Covers: Improved Security,  Added Visibility, Same Low Price

Ultralight Bike Covers: Improved Security, Added Visibility, Same Low Price

Written by  Aerostich on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 13:52

@AerostichDesign •#Aerostich •(September 6, 2016)- These motorcycle covers are small enough to take on all your road trips, and pack into a built-in self-storing pocket about the size of your hand.

Overall, it’s half the size of the next smallest full-coverage cover because it’s made from a thinner, lighter fabric. The strong opaque 1.1 oz siliconized ripstop nylon is plenty tough and keeps water and dust off your bike... it’s widely used in parachutes, sailboat spinnakers, kites and skysails.

The integrated elastic cinch cord tightly snugs all covers close to your bike so it won’t blow off during a breeze, and additional grommets allow for further binding or tying down. The Aerostich label is purposefully placed at the front bottom center, right on the hem, so it’s easy to find the front of the cover.

For improving overnight security at the seediest, darkest motel parking lot, the self-storing pocket on the hem of the cover also doubles as a portable battery powered motion-detecting alarm holder, to scare the pants off of whoever wants to take a peek at what’s below.


White and grey siliconized ripstop nylon motorcycle covers may not offer the dark-side stealth-mode hiding characteristics of black, but they help keep your bike a little cooler under direct sun and offer wonderful translucent protection from dust and rain.

They are just as tough and durable at protecting your bike as the black ones, while they offer added visibility, plus greater solar reflectivity and a ghost-like view of your bike. Available in all models and sizes. Choose one of these new, limited-edition covers now.

More info at http://www.aerostich.com/aerostich-ultralight-bike-covers-6.html

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