Track & Tour Vacation - Ride Sachsenring & the Italian Alps‏

Track & Tour Vacation - Ride Sachsenring & the Italian Alps‏

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June 9, 2015- Join Leod Escapes this December 4th to the 12th for the Track & Tour Vacation - Australia's curves to track time on Phillip Island.Twist down the coasts, over the snowy mountains and dodge a wallaby or two, on your way to two days of track time at the MotoGP and WSBK course of Phillip Island.

What is this tour like?

Escape the mayhem of the holiday season and head down-under where it’s summer time. Ride the great curves from Sydney to Melbourne before doing two days track time at Phillip Island. You’ll see incredible ocean vistas, wide ranging alpine mountains, sample Aussie meat pies and fine Asian food. You’ll see wallabies, kangaroos and koalas. You’ll stay in 3 star hotels in the cities, on the coasts, high in the mountains and close to the track.

So at those dull holiday parties you can tell people about the laughing call of the kookaburra or the new Australian slang you’ve picked up, or just tell them how you dragged your knee around the southern loop curve of the Phillip Island Circuit.

How does this work and how is it different from a normal motorcycle tour?

This is a motorcycle tour that includes track time at a famous racetrack. You'll need a passport and a motorcycle drivers license. All the hotels, bikes, guides and track reservations are provided by Leod Escapes. Your airfare is not included. Leod Escapes advises that you book your airfare 2 to 3 months in advance. You'll be met at the airport in Sydney. You'll follow a guide on your reserved tour bike through the Australian country. 

Leod Escapes requires that you have a bare minimum of a few days of track experience. Phillip Island, while quite safe, is a fast track and quite exhilarating. BMW S1000RR bikes are supplied for the track. Riders riding in different track groups often share a bike. Leod Escapes focuses on the authentic experience rather than typical tourist activities. You'll ride like a local, eat like a local and have an absolutely thrilling experience. 

Quick Facts

•              2015 Dates: December 4 to December 12

•              Starts in Sydney, Ends in Melbourne

•              Nearest International Airport: Syndney (SYD)

•              Tour Fleet (F800GS, R1200GS)

•              Track Fleet are BMW S1000RR with proper tires

•              Total Tour Riding Mileage about 1100 miles averaging less than 250 very curvy miles per day

•              Pavement conditions are good with occasional rough spots in the forests 

•              5 Days Sport Touring from Sydney to Melbourne

•              2 Track Days at the MotoGP course of Phillip Island

•              Rider Skills are Intermediate to Advanced

•              Details at

What does it cost & what's included?

•              Prices start at $5470

•              Included 8 Nights 3 and 4 accommodations

•              Welcome and farewell dinner included

•              Guides included

•              Luggage transport from Sydney to Melbourne

•              Van or Coach Transport to and from Melbourne to Phillip Island

•              Details at

Is this a good tour for couples?

Yes it is. Leod Escapes clients are track riders so the pace is often quicker but that doesn't mean this is a "racers only" trip. Passengers are very welcome and the views from the passenger seat are excellent. Passengers experience the country, the people, and the wildlife in a way no bus tour could ever provide. The day trip to the wild life park while the riders are doing track time is particularly fun.

What do the guides say?

"Australia is a contrast of the most ancient continent on earth combined with a modern culture that feels fresh and new. The people are genuinely friendly and quite helpful. The food is a wide mix of European and Asian delights with a few Aussie originals thrown in. Wallabies are the cutest animal on the planet. Phillip Island is the best track we've ever ridden and we've ridden a few. " - Cat MacLeod

How are the track days structured?

Clients will be riding on Phillip Island during a typical motorcycle track day. You’ll be riding the course with local Aussies. Riders down under are just like you and are quite friendly. Phillip Island track days typically run in 4 different groups of 20 minute sessions with a break for lunch. Our Australian track day partner will get you placed into the right group and yes, people can move into different groups. The Cafe is open for lunch and snacks and track day photographers are on hand.

Phillip Island Circuit

Motor racing of one form or another has been happening on the island since 1928. From a street circuit to several enclosed circuits to the track we know today. It's location right on the ocean has made maintaining a track difficult due to the severe weather than can assault the course in the winter. Current track owners are quite vigilant in maintaining the track and the surface is excellent. The run offs are safe enough for MotoGP and the views make it a lovely place to ride or spectate.

World Superbike has run here since 1990. MotoGP since 1989 (except for 91-96 when it was run at Eastern Creek). Currently the track record is held by Marc Marquez at 1:28.108. Valentino Rossi has won the most Grand Prix races here, but Casey Stoner holds the record in the premier class with of 6 wins in a row. 

Booking Contact:

"The Red Haired Go to Girl"- Nancy MacLeod

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct Line 1-510-914-1032

For the 2015 Australia Track & Tour, Nancy MacLeod is your key contact. She'll get your deposit. Record all the information for the bike rentals and track days. She's also the person who books all the accommodations so she knows exactly where you'll be going.

Wally Nesbitt

/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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