Ontario workshop on OHV recreation management, May 14-16

Ontario workshop on OHV recreation management, May 14-16

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A two-day OHV Management Workshop presented by the Municipality of Highlands East will take place on May 14-15, with a Field Workshop being held on May 16. This will be an educational forum about off-highway vehicle recreation management for land management decision makers, recreation planners, resource specialists, and leadership representatives from OHV recreation and other stakeholder communities.

"The Municipality of Highlands East is hosting an 'area workshop' of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) in May to help Ontario land agencies, local governments and stakeholders better understand the best practices for managing Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails and trail networks," said Ken Hoeverman of Sustainable Trails, who is allowing the municipality to use some of their resources to promote the workshop. "Our thoughts are to build on the successful models in the USA by calling in some of our southern experts to facilitate this workshop, citing the methodologies and technologies employed to encourage a successful motorized trail network. The focus will be on trails sustainability and their importance for economic tourism."
The Workshop Indoor Sessions will be held in Gooderham, Ontario at the Robert McCausland  Memorial Centre from May 14th to the 16th. The Thursday morning field workshop will be on nearby Greens Mountain, and ATVs and ROHVs will be available to transport attendees. On Thursday afternoon, Sustainable Trails will be demonstrating mechanized sustainable trail work at another location nearby.
The cost is $200 for the two days and includes all meals and breaks. A list of local accommodations is available for those that need a play to stay.

Featured Speakers

Tom Crimmins
Tom Crimmins is a trained Forester with 32 years' experience with the U.S. Forest Service in a wide variety of positions including timber management, land management planning, minerals, range, wildlife and recreation. He has more than 20 years of experience planning and designing off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails. He is the author of Management Guidelines for OHV Recreation, a nationally-recognized resource guide to assist in the planning, development, operation, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable OHV trails and areas.

As a trails consultant he is active in a wide variety of projects. He serves as an advisor to the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, a national affiliation of OHV enthusiasts, agency personnel and others involved with the OHV sport. He is also an advisor to American Trails, a national affiliation of trail user organizations representing all types of trail enthusiasts; and he is a consultant for the BlueRibbon Coalition, a national organization supporting continued public access to public lands. He also is a national spokesperson for Professionals for Managed Recreation. Tom recently was appointed to the Idaho State Parks Board which provides policy direction and oversight for all activities of Idaho State Parks.

Jack Terrell
Jack Terrell is Senior Project Manager for the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to furthering a positive future for responsible OHV recreation. He has been a NOHVCC staff member since 2005, and is responsible for planning and executing OHV recreation management workshops and association development workshops, in addition to producing other training resources such as OHV safety videos and public service announcements.
His experience includes work throughout the United States and Canada with federal, state, county and local legislative bodies, regulatory agencies, land managers and recreation planners, and recreation stakeholders to develop and improve trail recreation opportunities for the public.
He is a past Chairman (2001-2006) and current member (2008-2012) of the Florida OHV Recreation Advisory Committee; a member of the Florida RTP Advisory Committee (1998-2012); past Chairman of the Polk County (Florida) OHV Advisory Committee (2004-2010); and is Land Use Chairman (1998-2012) of the Florida Trail Riders, a statewide OHV enthusiast organization. An off-highway motorcycle competitor and trail rider, he has been involved with land use and recreational trail issues since 1980.
Jack holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in management science from the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

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