COHV - 30 Seconds Is All It Takes!

Written by  MMIC/COHV on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 12:42

Alberta off road riders need your help! Please click on the owl to watch our video and find out about the issues facing the province. Our previous series of videos used humour to drive home proper riding practices. This video is different, it's all business! The Alberta government is not playing nice. They are trying to push through their legislation before the spring election. The message is simple, it's time for riders to be heard, we need everyone to stand up and speak up now! We don't want another park (see "PARK" below).

In addition to the video we have created the following link to a pre-formatted letter available on our website. You enter your name, email and address (optional). You can edit the text but we request that you keep it PG. Press send and your email will go directly to Rachel Notley (Premier of Alberta), Shannon Phillips (Minister of Parks & Environment) and the AEP Bighorn Country survey email address. You can complete the official government survey too but it is very, very time consuming (on purpose).


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