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For those of you that want more info on the establishments visited in Larry Tate's "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia story, voila! Pubs, Restaurants, Motels and Inns www.colonialinntheglen.com/ www.roosterfishbrewing.com/ www.clarionhotelmorgan.com/ madeleinesonline.com/ thegovernorspub.com/ www.irishpubonwashingtonstreet.com/ www.ciancismotel.com/ www.morgantownbrewing.com/ Attractions www.newrivergorgecvb.com/ oilandgasmuseum.com/

This week we had the opportunity to head to EICMA, the 69th International Motorcycle exhibition in Milan, Italy. Truly the largest Motorcycle Exhibition in the world, EICMA did not disappoint with the unveiling of several new 2012 models. With over 1400 exhibitors covering more than 58,000 m2 of exhibit space,…
When John McBride was growing up in the west Toronto neighbourhood of Etobicoke in the 1960s he had a bit of a problem with mothers in the area. It wasn’t that he was necessarily a bad kid. But he rode a motorcycle. And to make matters worse, his dad sold…
When BMW first introduced the S1000RR superbike in 2009, it quickly became one of the best selling superbikes on the market; and it was no slouch on the racetrack either, proving itself right out of the box in the Canadian Superbike championship, and taking the 2011 Championship title.

Stacey Nesbitt is getting used to the added media attention after having become arguably the first female in road racing history to win a mixed gender National Championship title. With Honda Canada's recent announcement to hold a National CBR25oR Cup in 2012, the current CBR 125 Cup champion is ready…
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