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The October/November 2019 issue of Inside Motorcycles offers a glimpse into the future of motorcycling with the electric-powered Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Yamaha’s ‘Leaning Multi-Wheel’ Niken.

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Leod Escapes - Sachsenring & Italian Alps Tour returns in August!

The Leod Escapes "Track & Tour" ride that started it all - the "Sachsenring & The Italian Alps" track rider tour - runs for the fifth time this year, from August 22-31, 2017.

The "Sachsenring & The Italian Alps" vacation started back in 2013. Since then Leod Escapes has launched four other international tours with track time, with a fifth one to Spain coming in 2018. The most intense still remains the original.

Your trip includes:
•    5 Days of riding in the Italian Alps
•    2 Days track time at Sachsenring
•    9 nights accommodations in 3-star hotels
•    Breakfast every day
•    Dinners included in the Alps
•    Welcome & farewell dinner
•    Local guides & track instructors
•    Vehicle for luggage and track gear
•    Broad array of BMWs available for Alps
•    Proper sport bikes for the track
•    Option to drive the Autobahn from Munich to Sachsen

"Five years ago it all started with this tour. I think of tours like bikes in the garage. We've got an array of good tours in the stable now but this one is still the most intense. Other tours run smoother and handle better but this tour offers the most insane ride, it's still the one we love the most. It's just crazy fun. You’re riding the back roads on sport touring machines and doing some track time on proper sport bikes. Everyone on the tour is a track rider. This one element changes the flavor of these tours completely." - Cat MacLeod, Leod Escapes

For more info and to book your spot on the tour - or to find out about the other motorcycle track & tour vacations available from Leod Escapes, visit


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Latest issue ON SALE NOW! April 2017

The April 2017 issue of Inside Motorcycles features a bit of everything to suit all tastes, from sport touring to adventure to retro race bikes and off-road competition!

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VIDEO: Harley-Davidson - Welcome to a New Era of Touring

@harleydavidson • @HarleyCanada • #LiveYourLegend – Discover more with the 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring lineup.

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Harley-Davidson reveals new powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine & 2017 touring lineup

TORONTO, ON (Aug. 23, 2016) – More power. More comfort. More control. Today, Harley-Davidson unveiled the all-new Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, the ninth Big Twin in its history, plus an all-new front and rear suspension for its Model Year 2017 Touring motorcycle lineup.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 12:53 Published in Industry News

Extreme Bike Tours 2017: Sri Lanka, Mongolia and more!

(Colombo, Sri Lanka) – Extreme Bike Tours has just unveiled the company’s 2017 calendar of fully-supported motorcycle tours, by popular demand expanding offerings in trending destinations such as Sri Lanka and Mongolia. Whether cruising past cascading tea plantations or roaring through a desert landscape on a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle, these tours are once-in-a-lifetime adventures for riders looking for both brag-worthy experiences and the luxury of having someone else take care of all of the details.

In 2017, Extreme Bike tours will offer itineraries in Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Bhutan and Rajasthan, each offering approximately 12 days of riding, bringing together a mix of two-wheeled adventure, cultural activities, sightseeing and awe-inspiring scenery. Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 riders plus pillion passengers, and include bikes, fuel, accommodation, meals and transfers during the tour, as well as full support services such as support vehicles to carry customers’ luggage during the trip and passengers not wishing to be on a bike.


“We’re incredibly excited to release our 2017 tours,” says Extreme Bike Tours owner Zander Combe. “A favourite among our returning riders is Bhutan - an amazing destination to explore by bike. Along with being such an undiscovered country, the landscapes are also stunning, and their roads are filled with curves which makes for some seriously great riding.”

“For 2017, we’re offering both an Eastern and a Western Mongolia itinerary, making this destination more accessible to a wide range of motorcycle riders without losing any of the experience. This is a truly amazing country with such proud people, impressive scenery, and a sense of space that’s difficult to find in other places.”

While Extreme Bike Tours itineraries typically include luxury accommodations, new for 2017 is the introduction of a three-star version of the company’s Sri Lanka tour. Routes and all other itinerary details stay the same as the five-star versions of these tours, but using mid-priced hotels to open them up to those looking at a lower price point.

Sri Lanka

Extreme Bike Tours made a name for itself and its tour services when the company worked with BBC’s Top Gear program on the show’s India Christmas special in 2011, as well as being featured on The Discovery Channel. The “Extreme” in the company’s name refers to the unique destinations the tours introduce riders to. Along with riding through these landscapes, itineraries can include exclusive experiences such as riding a camel in Rajasthan, a visit with Buddhist monks in the Kingdom of Bhutan, stays in eco lodges and palaces, and camping under Mongolian skies.

A full list of 2017 tours can be found at, with prices starting USD $3,950 for the 3-Star Sri Lanka Tour. All tours are suitable for pillion passengers for those riders wishing to travel with a partner. Those signing up for the tours do need to be experienced and confident riding a motorbike, but the company’s trained team is on hand at all times to guide the tour and make sure riders are safe.

About Extreme Bike Tours

Extreme Bike Tours offers once-in-lifetime experiences with itineraries through some of the world’s most amazing destinations, bringing together some of the best motorbike riding and cultural adventure available. The company’s

guiding principle is to offer great experiences that customers can talk about for years to come, and every tour is organised with this in mind.


Facebook: /extremebiketours

Twitter: @extremebiketour

- from Extreme Bike Tours


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Touring Essentials blog: Winter Becomes Spring

I started butchering some Sinatra the other day.

If you've ever heard me sing you'll know it was a good thing I was outside in the driveway, alone.

"And now, the end of winter is near,

And so I face the final snow shoveling

Friday, 11 March 2016 12:28 Published in Touring Essentials with R. Bruce Thomas

Indian Motorcycle announces new 2016 Springfield touring bike

MINNEAPOLIS (March 3, 2016) — Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced the new 2016 Indian Springfield. Named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle and designed for a pure riding experience, the Indian Springfield is a soulful and versatile new addition to the 2016 lineup.

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Touring Essentials Blog: Winter Reading

What’s on your bookshelf?

It's cold and miserable outside. Your bike has been parked for two months already, and many more months will go by before you are riding again. How do you pass the time?

Pick up a good book.

Since you ride, that tells me you are a bit adventurous, which also tells me there is no point in me giving you my views on these or any other books. You’ll go exploring and find the ones you like.

No matter what kind of riding you like to do, there is a book you can find that will hold your interest. If you want tales of adventure from people who have travelled around the world or personal memories or spiritual growth found on the seat of a bike, you will find a book.

There are books by some very famous people and there are books about famous people. Some relative unknowns sell their self-published books at the bike shows over the winter and some books are only available from specific websites.

Support your local author.

There are books to help you develop/improve your riding skills, which can be quite helpful so sit back and reflect on the content as you await that first ride in the spring.

You can read about racers or get to the bottom of the long-distance rider mentality.

There are books filled with photos and there are books you will want to read for the articles.

Plus, don’t forget your favourite magazine.

Just because there is snow outside and you can’t go for a ride, there is no reason to forget about riding.

What’s on your bookshelf? Here’s a selection of what is on mine (see photos above and below).

Plus, your local library can quite likely get you any/all of these and more.

Read responsibly and enjoy your literary travels.

P1040622 Medium

- By R. Bruce Thomas

What’s on your bookshelf?

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Leod Escapes presents: 9-day California Curves to Laguna Seca Tour, with California Superbike School!

Leod Escapes has finally made the ultimate California tour for serious curve hunters and track day junkies. All the best twisties and the best on-track instruction at Laguna Seca. Every touring bike is equipped with a GPS loaded with the custom routes, so you can ride the pace you want. You'll experience names you know like Golden Gate Bridge, High Sierra, Pacific Coast Highway 1, and California Redwoods, but you'll fall in love with the hidden routes, like Sonora Pass, Highway 36, Skyline and Monitor. Finish it off with two days of superb track instruction at Laguna Seca with California Superbike School. Three star accommodations every night. Wide array of adventure touring and sport touring machines available. Track prepped BMW S1000RR awaits you at Laguna Seca.

What is this tour like?

Enjoy vast and varied country, empty curvy roads and lots of fresh pavement. Northern California has the best sport touring in the west. Ride the great curvy routes with local expertise to guide you, but no large group to slow you down. The preloaded GPS routes mean you can ride with a group or ride your own pace. See the “City by the Bay”, the high Yosemite peaks, the wild north, the deep redwood forests, and the best of Pacific Coast Highway One. The routes average 230 curvy miles a day with plenty of time to stop to experience the essence of the regions.  The 2 days of track instruction on a BMW S1000RR will expand your skills. Whether it is your first track day or you’re an experienced racer, nothing accelerates your abilities like two days of focused instruction from California Superbike School. With over a 1000 miles of curves and two days of track instruction, you will come home a smoother, faster and safer rider.

When should riders reserve their spot?
Leod encourages riders to book this tour within the first 3 months of 2016, for two reasons.
1. The more exotic bikes go to the early bookers... for the same price. Book early and you can ride the Ducati Hyperstrada for same price as the BMW F800GS. Same goes for couples, those who book early can get the Multistrada for same price as a BMW R1200GS
2. California Superbike School's 2 day camp at Laguna Seca is very popular and sells out quickly

When? What does it cost & what's included?
•    Tour 2016 September Dates 8th to 16th
•    Tour 2016 October Dates 3rd to 11th
•    Prices start at $5600
•    9 Nights at 3 Star Accommodations
•    6 Days sport touring on the best curvy roads in the USA - San Francisco, Yosemite, Redwood Forests, Sierra Mountain Passes, Highway 1 and 36
•    Rental touring bike with luggage for single rider, book early to get the bike you want (F800GT, F800R, Hyperstrada, Monster 821, F800GS, F700GS)
•    Rental touring bike with luggage for couple or upgrade, book early to get the bike you want (R1200GS, S1000XR, R1200RS, R1200RT, Multistrada)
•    GPS loaded with routes, and way points
•    Route guide and quality map
•    Option to ride on your own or with a small group
•    Transport to and from airport and Laguna Seca
•    2 Days intense track instruction at Laguna Seca with California Superbike School
•    Seven Sessions of Track Time scheduled on Laguna Seca each day, weather permitting
•    Track prepped BMW S1000RR with Dunlop Q3 tires
•    Only 2 students per coach for maximum feedback and progress
•    Special “Over-Your-Shoulder” video equipped bikes to review with your coach
•    Quality Track Gear Provided - AGV Sport Leathers, Alpine Star Boots & Gloves and Schuberth Helmets
•    Expand your skills on specially modified bikes to boost your abilities safely, Braking Bike, Lean Machine, Slide Machine

Who would enjoy this vacation?
Are you an intermediate to advanced rider who relishes the idea of 1000s of curves across varied vistas? Have you always wanted to ride the corkscrew? Never ridden on a race track? No problem, the extensive coaching at California Superbike School is the best way to discover track riding. If you are an amateur racer who lives at the track this tour will send you home with a fresh competitive edge. If you are a passenger who loves great scenery and roller coaster rides then your going to love it. For CSS graduates, here's your chance to take a thrilling west coast vacation and reconnect with the CSS team at a track you've always wanted to ride. Learn more -->

Every bike has a GPS and the routes
The tour for people who would never take a "tour". All the local expertise is delivered to you in routes built into the GPS on your rental bike, along with an extensive "Road Book" and a very detailed map. Ride with your buddies. Make a new friend who's about the same pace and be their wingman. Or just ride the great routes in relaxing solitude. Your road book tells you the tasty food spots, the needed gas stops and restaurants that are a walk away from your hotel.

The best sport touring in the USA
We ride all over the world but call Northern California home for a reason. In 5 days you'll ride curvy roads through 6 different ecosystems. High mountain passes over 9000 feet, winding river runs, rolling hill country, ridge line roads through the redwoods and this tour puts you on the best stretch of Pacific Coast Highway 1. Yes this tour also routes you on the "Serpent to the Sea", California Highway 36 with 1811 curves over 140 miles.

A few words from Cat MacLeod on what makes this tour special
"We've finally got one. A great track and tour vacation on our home turf of Northern California. Ask anyone in Europe or on the East Coast of the United States, what track they want to ride and the answer is always "Laguna Seca".What many don't know, is that Northern California offers the best sport touring experience in the USA. Now we can deliver our local expertise to all our track riding brethren. The California Superbike School 2 Day Camp is not just a track day. This is intense instruction, on track prepped S1000RR, from the best in the business. This makes the tour a perfect package for an accomplished sport touring rider who wants to try track riding. The one on one instruction also makes it a great place for amateur racers to really up their skills quickly. It's tough to bring a USA tour with same sex appeal and incredible riding as an Italy & Mugello tour or an Alps & Sachsenring tour. This mix of Curves, Coast and Corkscrew can compete with anything we offer overseas.

California: the best curves?
We've blown away many foreign visitors. Usually it's around day 3 were they just look at us dazed  from all the fun they've been having and say "I just didn't know California was like this!"There are two mountain ranges, redwood forests and long coast lines. Have a look at the video of the touring portion.

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