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FTC Champion Dustin Brown is hoping to get some AFT seat time in 2020. FTC Champion Dustin Brown is hoping to get some AFT seat time in 2020. Photo: Taylor Vallee

The Vallee Report - Looking Forward to 2020

Written by  Todd Vallee on Wednesday, 04 December 2019 13:18

We are barely into snowy season and already I yearn for my next trip to the track. Much like some other things in life, two wheeled motorsports are addicting and I’m already craving my next fix. While my next trip to the tack is still months away, figured now would be a good time to pass on some news so other fans can start planning their summer road trips for 2020.

Flat Track Canada has yet to confirm their schedule but the AFT series has released theirs for next season. For the third year in a row The AFT schedule will begin in Daytona and end at the Meadowlands, but there will be a few changes from 2019 on the way to the season finale in New Jersey. After being recognized as one of the most unique tracks on the circuit this past season, The Super TT which took place in Chandler Arizona has been dropped from the schedule. Couple that with the departure of Arizona mile the year before and fans in Arizona are left without a national race in their home state. The Minnesota mile has also been dropped for next season while after a one year hiatus the series will return to Oklahoma. After dealing with rainouts many times in the spring, promoters in Springfield have dropped the traditional May race in exchange for a double header come September. This format was used this past season after the spring race was cancelled and received rave reviews from fans.

Speaking of AFT, the past few season’s fans have been able to watch races live via computer on FansChoiceTV. While many complained online about problems during the live feed, I always thought the product was pretty good and it was sure hard to beat the price of zero to watch some great racing. For 2020 AFT has teamed with TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold to air their events. Fans will now have to put up or shut up as there will now be a charge to watch the races. Early indications are that this will not be available in Canada which is terrible for fans like myself. I have reached out to AFT Communications to confirm and I’m hoping that the early information I have seen is incorrect. Stay tuned.
January will see the start of another Supercross season and if you’ve never attended one of these events please put it on your list. You will be treated to an evening filled with great racing, fireworks, jacked-up announcers and a fully charged up experience that is second to none. While there are no Canadian dates on the tour, March 21st will see action at Ford Field in Detroit. I attended this round last season and there is a good chance I will again in 2020. Hope to see you there.

2018 and 2019 FTC champ Dustin Brown has dreams of racing stateside. After putting out some feelers with some AFT teams, Brown realizes he will have to attend some rounds as a privateer in hopes of gaining some attention from the big guys. While Brown has yet to finalize a schedule, the half mile in Lima Ohio seems like a logical choice among the half dozen or so events he hopes to attend.

Finally I just wanted to give a shout out to my daughter Taylor. As mentioned in my last post she organized a raffle to raise funds for some injured AFT riders. Along with recruiting some great prize donations, she has put many miles on her car picking up and delivering prizes and almost as much time on social media promoting her draw. While she didn’t raise enough to save the world, she did have a modest goal in mind and she surpassed that. Way to go Taylor. We’re proud of you and thanks once again to those who donated prizes and purchased tickets.

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