For Your Viewing Pleasure

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Written by  R. Bruce Thomas on Monday, 02 December 2019 15:53

I consider my library card an essential piece of my riding gear.

And the card is FREE! At least in Edmonton. I can login to the Edmonton Public Library system and request materials from any city library and I can also login to (The Alberta Libraries Online) and request material from any library in the province and the item(s) get delivered to my local library for pickup.

In a previous blog I highlighted a bunch of books worth reading over the winter months. Pardon the contradictory advice, but, if you'd rather watch, read on.

During the summer months, our circle of friends will partake in a number of RTE (Ride To Eat) events where we ride somewhere, eat, chat about all things motorcycle, and then ride home.

When we have to survive five months of winter weather the RTE's become a DTV - Drive To View.

There are videos for enthusiasts of all forms of riding. There are movies about all types of racing and about all types of riders. There are Hollywood movies and documentaries. Old classics and recent releases.

Not all of the films in the pictures are directly motorcycle themed but motorcycles play a part nonetheless. I will admit to being floored when we saw a group of scooters in the UK decked out with a pile of mirrors ala Quadrophenia!

I’m not a film critic so I’m not about to tell you which of these I liked and why or why not.

Whatever you feel like watching you can probably find a movie on the subject.

Most of the films that I have included in the pictures are available from the Public Library on DVD or in streaming format. Pick one up and invite your buddies over. Next month, go to someone else's place. If you own a favourite DVD you know what to do - invite your friends for a DTV. Before you know it winter will be over and you'll be planning your next RTE.

Ride responsibly and enjoy your video travels.

Movies 1

Why We Ride, Easy Rider, The Great Escape, Quadrophenia, The Motorcycle Diaries, Dust to Glory, The Wild One, The World's Fastest Indian, One Week, Take it to the Limit


Movies 2

On Any Sunday (multiple editions), Long Way Down, Race to Dakar, Long Way Round, Fastest, Faster

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