Latest Supermoto blog with Keith Fowler - the differences in clubs

Latest Supermoto blog with Keith Fowler - the differences in clubs

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In this blog I will go over the operation of a few Supermoto clubs to show some distinct differences.


François Cominardi of Supermoto Québec stated they are one of the most successful organizations in North America, yet they do not seek out sponsorship for practice or events. The large turnout they enjoy for each event brings in the required revenue to support the club. Supermoto Québec was the first North American organization to introduce quads at supermoto events over nine years ago. They regularly enjoy practices at the karting track in Trois-Rivières, Montmagny AutoTrack and at all race venues.


MISuperMoto in Michigan does regular changes to their circuit layout for each practice held. Dave Dupris stated they are actively seeking quad riders interested in riding their circuit, and they would be happy to have them join in the events they host. Michigan Supermoto practice and race events are held at their home track Auto City in near Flint, in a city called Clio. Dave is well-known for his event organization skill as evidenced by the renowned Branch Michigan Street race held in the past. This event required a dirt tabletop, fencing, hay bale protection, tire walls and other details all be built in only a few short hours. The execution was like watching a supercross racecourse go into a stadium in fast motion. This was one of the few events I have seen that had well over 2,000 spectators.


The Victoria Supermoto Association is unique compared to many of the other supermoto clubs. Calvin Van E stated they ride at Western Speedway in Victoria, British Columbia on Tuesday nights from April through to September and run a race series consisting of four classes (two races per class, per race night) with a total of 40 races. They run a different layout every practice and have about 15 different layouts. They managed to vary the course layout by adding or taking away corners etc. Layout is decided by track conditions and Mr. Thorns laying it out. They are a non-profit club. Victoria Supermoto does not currently include dirt, and rides entirely on a paved course.

The Rocky Mountain Motards race with the Alberta Mini Roadracing Association at the new North Star Raceway karting circuit in Strathmore, AB. In addition to six races, the club also hosts five test and tune days. Their next race with the AMRA is this weekend, on June 7.

Supermoto Ontario hosts events at the well-established Shanonville Motorsport Park circuit. Both full-day supermoto practices and evening lapping occurs. The fear and excitement are combined with the addition of the Toronto Motorsports Park circuit for the 2015 season. Kevin Kiddle will be doing the bulk load of coursework to be ready for the club’s first event at that course in July.

June 14 will be the first race for Supermoto Ontario in the Shannonville. Supermoto Québec held its first race May 24 in Montmagny QC, and Supermoto Victoria has already commenced their race season as well. MISuperMoto held its first test and tune day at the organization's home track in Clio on May 31.

Feel free to check out each club's website for further details.

- Keith Fowler

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