Call to Action - OFTR needs your help

Call to Action - OFTR needs your help

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MPP Grant Crack has introduced the following Private Members Motion. While we applaud his initiative, Mr Crack has forgotten about us, the off-road motorcyclists. This motion will allow ATVs & Side by Sides to travel municipal roads with a green plate, but not similar plated motorcycles.

We need to call on all OFTR members to email or call Mr. Crack and ask him politely to include us in his motion. His email address is listed below. You can copy and paste the pre-written response or feel free to create your own. Please be polite and "cc" Dave Grummett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Ballot Item Number 55 - To be debated November 7, 2013.
Private Members' Notice of Motion Number 48
Avis de motion numéro 48 émanant d'un député

Mr. Crack - That, in the opinion of this House, the operation of off-road vehicles on highways under Regulation 316/03 be changed to include side-by-side off-road vehicles, four seat side-by-side vehicles and two-up vehicles in order for them to be driven on highways under the same conditions as other off-road/all-terrain vehicles.

Dear Mr. Crack

On behalf of all off road motorcyclists I would like to thank you for introducing the Private Members Motion to address the updating of Regulation 316/03. In line with Minister Chan's new Trails Initiative, the economic impact of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV's) tourism has been recognized as very beneficial to rural Ontario.  In fact in your neighbour riding area of Calabogie, off road motorcyclists inject almost $100,000 into the local economy during the annual Calabogie 2 Day Trail Ride  alone.  Peter Emon, Mayor of Madawaska/Calabogie welcomed off road riders at the Saturday banquet, stating we are always welcome and our contribution to the local economy is appreciated. Larose Forest is also in your riding and is a popular destination of off road riders.

Ontario OHV users including snowmobiles, 4WD's, ATV's and offroad motorcycles(ORM's) have recently formed a group known as the Ontario Powersports Working Group (OPSWG). We have recently submitted a proposal to Minister Chan regarding the sustainability of the OHV groups. As part of this proposal we have discussed the issues you have proposed regarding incorporating all OHV's including ORM's into Regulation  316/03.

As an off road motorcyclists I would like to be included in Regulation 316/03. My economic impact is as good or better than any other OHV group and the same can be said for my safety record. I don't feel I should be excluded from this legislation based on my number of wheels or any other factors.

My voice is represented by the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders, the local club "Bytown Motorcycle Association" and the OPSWG. I believe it is imperative that they be consulted prior to launching this motion and that the motion be expanded to included ORM's.

Thank you for your consideration.

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