Exclusive Inside Motorcycles photo gallery from Indy MotoGP!

IM photographers Les Kalman and Patrick Lambie were on hand last weekend at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix shooting the second of two US stops on the MotoGP schedule.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 13:27

History Repeats Itself at Stepping Stones Ranch

(August 7, 2015)- The first time a round of the the World Motorcycle Trials Championship was held in the United States was in July of 1975. It took place at the Stepping Stones Ranch in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, and was won by Englishman Malcolm Rathmell riding a Montesa Cota. This July, 40 years almost to the day after that first event, the world’s elite trials specialists again gathered at Stepping Stones and a little history repeated itself.

Friday, 07 August 2015 20:04

Touring Essentials Blog: Can't you read the signs?

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?"

Thursday, 06 August 2015 14:51

Supermoto blog: Rider Development

Competitive supermoto racing is a huge part of the reason there are so many clubs across our provinces and states, but not every rider who shows up has the desire to compete in the form of competition.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 16:38

Flat Track Canada race report - Round 6, Wheatley Thunderfest

One day after dealing with blazing heat and some great racing, the Flat Track Canada travelling road show was at it once again. Sunday saw the group head to Wheatley to race at the short track on the Erie Ramblers club grounds. Long regarded as one of the most unique and coolest tracks around, the Wheatley track is always fun and Sunday certainly didn't disappoint.

After some of them riding 750's the night before, the Experts went to smaller displacement machines for the short track. Although the bikes were smaller the thrills were huge as once again the best riders in Canada put on a great show for the fans. Making a rare appearance on his beautiful 450 framer it was Doug Lawrence, making up for the night before, who came away with the win in Open Expert. Early leader in the race was Chris Evans but unfortunately for Evans he slid out in corner two shortly after Lawrence got by him. Local ace Nick Wenzler had a strong ride through the pack to finish second while new points leader Tyler Seguin took home third. A surprising non-factor in the final was reigning number one Don Taylor who had looked like a man on a mission in his heat race bouncing off the wall on the back straight while going for the win.

Rookie Expert Dave Pouliot surprised perhaps everybody except himself in taking the win in Expert DTX. While the others behind him were sliding and bobbing, Pouliot looked smooth and fast on his way to his first Expert victory. Taylor was a factor in this race as he grabbed second while Wenzler was once again in the mix and was able to grab third. Congratulations Dave!


Intermediate once again belonged to Brodie Buchan as he grabbed both wins to go four for four on the weekend. Track knowledge, skill, and great starts went a long way for Buchan and he just couldn't be caught. Braden Vallee and Cody Marentette swapped positions from the night before with Vallee grabbing second in both races after having to make up ground from some harrowing starts.



The Novice class was dominated for the second day in a row by the trio of Dustin Brown, Trent Pickle and Luke Rahm. Finishing order was the same in both races as Pickle found himself sandwiched between Brown and Rahm on his home track. 


Boyd Deadman proved to be the master of the light on Sunday grabbing the holeshot in both 85 Youth and Novice 250 action. While unable to hold the lead until the end in both races, Deadman did have a couple of great rides to finish second to Hunter Bauer with Jimmy McCullough rounding out the top three.


VET action saw Steve Ball, winner from the night before, take a hard tumble in turn three after making contact with Rob Churchill. With Ball out of commission, Churchill was able to grab the checkers ahead of Dan Doreen and Windsor firefighter Paul Renaud.


A special thanks to all the Erie Ramblers and Flat Track Canada crew for putting on such a great weekend in such extreme temperatures. Bravo !

Other Classes Wheatley Top Three

Youth 65: Adrian St. Amand, Brandon Keys, Spencer Whittam

Youth 50 Chain: Adrian St. Amand, Spencer Whittam, Easton Ventoso

Photos Courtesy of David Dudley.


Flat Track Canada would like to thank Parts Canada, Deeley Harley Davidson, Honda Canada, Suzuki Canada, Kawasaki Canada, Diesel Equipment Limited, Dunlop Tires, Klotz Canada, Inside Motorcycles, Grand River Powersports, Sturgess Cycle, Town Moto, and JD Graphics.


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Monday, 27 July 2015 14:00

Flat Track Canada race report - Round 5, Leamington Thunderfest

With record temperatures and a record number of entries, the beautiful half mile in Leamington once again played host to the first round of Thunderfest. As the mercury in the thermometer hit the mid thirties, it proved to be a sign of things to come as action on the track heated up as well.

Open Expert action saw a mix of bikes take the grid but on this night the Harley Davidson XR 750 seemed to be the bike of choice. Making his first appearance of the season was defending number one plate holder Don Taylor and he was back with a vengeance as he opened up an early lead after taking the green. As the laps counted down, Doug Lawrence was making steady progress on Taylor as his Harley seemed to like the brushed off track as well. As the leader took the white flag, Lawrence put on one final charge but most likely needed one more lap as he fell just short at the line to Taylor. Tyler Seguin rounded out the podium in third finishing ahead of New Yorker Ryan Wells.

Earlier in the evening Seguin had perhaps put on the ride of the night in the Dash for Cash. Using all of his talent and even more of the track, Seguin held off the larger displacement bikes to take the lion's share of the cash in the exciting four lap sprint.

In Expert DTX action it was hometown boy Nick Wenzler crossing the line first surprising a few of our heat race winners. Wenzler was the sole Canadian representative in the top three as Parker Norris and Ryan Wells took the final two spots on the podium. A red flag early in the race caused by Devin Pfeiffer going through the fence in turn one was extremely unfortunate not only for Pfeiffer but for Kyle Vanconant as well. Vanconant had grabbed the holeshot in the first try at completing the race and was doing a superb job holding off everyone at the front of the pack before the red. Vanconant was still able to put in a solid ride after the restart and ended up fifth.

Intermediate action once again turned into the Brodie Buchan show as he grabbed convincing wins in both Open and DTX action. The script was the same in both races as Buchan grabbed the early lead and stretched it out while everyone else in the field tried to play catch up. Cody Marentette and Braden Vallee took second and third respectively in both races, but both riders came up a little short in trying to run with Buchan.

Novice action saw perhaps the best race of the day and easily one of the best of the year. The DTX race was one for the ages as Trent Pickle and Dustin Brown were virtually side by side for the final four laps of the race. Pickle did everything he could to hold the bottom line while Brown blasted around the deep stuff at the top of the track. As the final few laps counted down the two riders would be separated by fifty feet of track in the corners only to meet up beside each other on the straights. As they excited turn four on the final lap, Pickle made the low line work as he held off Brown by inches at the line as Pickle's hometown crowd roared its approval. Rounding out the top three was another hometown boy as motocrosser Luke Rahm had a great ride to take third.


VET action saw Steve "RA RA" Ball take his first ever win at Leamington as he took the victory over Leamington's own Wayne Young and Rob Churchill.

Youth 85 action saw Hunter Bauer take the win over Jimmy McCullough and Brandon Newman but the big news in this class was the number of entries. Nineteen riders were signed up for this class which meant when the green lights flashed for the final there were a few riders watching instead of racing. Great stuff seeing this many riders in the the youth classes !

The day was a special one as the riders and spectators on hand paid tribute to the late Jesse Phibbs. A rising star on the flat track scene, Phibbs passed away in 2010 after a very unfortunate incident at the Indy Mile. Saturday saw most of the riders on hand do a lap of honour in Jesse's memory followed by Brodie Buchan turning some laps on Jesse's Rotax. Eyes in the crowd were moist as the we all remembered the fine young man that will forever be linked to Thunderfest.

Other Results from Leamington

Novice Open: Dustin Brown, Trent Pickle, Luke Rahm

Vintage: Kevin Lambert, Mark Fairfull, Brad Kitto

Youth 65: Brandon Keys, Jacob Peacock, Maguire Scott

Youth 50 Chain: Spencer Whittam, Olivia Farkas, Easton Ventoso

Youth 50 Shaft: Alyssa Armstrong, Hannah Musson, Emily Biekx

Novice 250: Brandon Newman, Hunter Bauer, Boyd Deadman

 Photos by Chris Rahm 


Flat Track Canada would like to thank Parts Canada, Deeley Harley Davidson, Honda Canada, Suzuki Canada, Kawasaki Canada, Diesel Equipment Limited, Dunlop Tires, Klotz Canada, Inside Motorcycles, Grand River Powersports, Sturgess Cycle, Town Moto, and JD Graphics.

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Gamma introduces 2016 Fieldsheer product range to Canada

July 20, 2015 - For Immediate Release - Gamma Powersports is proud to release the new 2016 collection of Fieldsheer motorcycle street apparel. There have been many changes and additions to this completely new line-up of impressive performance motorcycle apparel.

This past year Fieldsheer tested their existing fabrics along with some new developments in order to reassure the consumers of the effectiveness and proactive ability of materials. There were fabric swatches of current materials submitted to the largest third party testing facility in Asia. The testing apparatus records the number of cycles/revolutions until the abrasive panel breaks through the fabric. 


The tests yielded some very satisfying results. The test that Fieldsheer chose reflected that the strength of the fabric when subjected to sliding with the garment on a tarmac surface.

Fieldsheer doesn’t just believe that fabric testing in itself is enough; CE armour, seam construction and other materials of which the garment is constructed make a difference. In addition, Fieldsheer does its own internal tests to continually improve all aspects of protection for its garments and with 30 years experience in producing motorcycle garments, the company believes they do have an edge over the competition.

Fieldsheer prides themselves on putting cutting-edge technology into all of their products. From their world-class Nanomax ® material to the ultra-reflective Phoslite technology, you can be confident that you'll be impressed with all that the new 2016 line has to offer.

Check out the now available 2016 Fieldsheer line-up at www.fieldsheercanada.com and visit your local Gamma Powersports dealer for purchase inquires.

Monday, 20 July 2015 10:45

Touring Essentials Blog: The Pre-Ride Checklist

Now that riding season is fully underway it is time to get back to good habits to help keep you safe on the roads.

Before you go for a ride, there are a number of things you should check to ensure your bike is as ready to go as you are.

Friday, 26 June 2015 11:16

Tumblin' Todd's Flat Track Blog: Movin' On Up

It could come as a result of age, size or even ability, but one thing is certain in our sport. For those who start racing as children and continue with dirt track racing, at some point you are going to have to move to a bigger bike.

Friday, 12 June 2015 11:50

Latest Supermoto blog with Keith Fowler - the differences in clubs

In this blog I will go over the operation of a few Supermoto clubs to show some distinct differences.


François Cominardi of Supermoto Québec stated they are one of the most successful organizations in North America, yet they do not seek out sponsorship for practice or events. The large turnout they enjoy for each event brings in the required revenue to support the club. Supermoto Québec was the first North American organization to introduce quads at supermoto events over nine years ago. They regularly enjoy practices at the karting track in Trois-Rivières, Montmagny AutoTrack and at all race venues.


MISuperMoto in Michigan does regular changes to their circuit layout for each practice held. Dave Dupris stated they are actively seeking quad riders interested in riding their circuit, and they would be happy to have them join in the events they host. Michigan Supermoto practice and race events are held at their home track Auto City in near Flint, in a city called Clio. Dave is well-known for his event organization skill as evidenced by the renowned Branch Michigan Street race held in the past. This event required a dirt tabletop, fencing, hay bale protection, tire walls and other details all be built in only a few short hours. The execution was like watching a supercross racecourse go into a stadium in fast motion. This was one of the few events I have seen that had well over 2,000 spectators.


The Victoria Supermoto Association is unique compared to many of the other supermoto clubs. Calvin Van E stated they ride at Western Speedway in Victoria, British Columbia on Tuesday nights from April through to September and run a race series consisting of four classes (two races per class, per race night) with a total of 40 races. They run a different layout every practice and have about 15 different layouts. They managed to vary the course layout by adding or taking away corners etc. Layout is decided by track conditions and Mr. Thorns laying it out. They are a non-profit club. Victoria Supermoto does not currently include dirt, and rides entirely on a paved course.

The Rocky Mountain Motards race with the Alberta Mini Roadracing Association at the new North Star Raceway karting circuit in Strathmore, AB. In addition to six races, the club also hosts five test and tune days. Their next race with the AMRA is this weekend, on June 7.

Supermoto Ontario hosts events at the well-established Shanonville Motorsport Park circuit. Both full-day supermoto practices and evening lapping occurs. The fear and excitement are combined with the addition of the Toronto Motorsports Park circuit for the 2015 season. Kevin Kiddle will be doing the bulk load of coursework to be ready for the club’s first event at that course in July.

June 14 will be the first race for Supermoto Ontario in the Shannonville. Supermoto Québec held its first race May 24 in Montmagny QC, and Supermoto Victoria has already commenced their race season as well. MISuperMoto held its first test and tune day at the organization's home track in Clio on May 31.

Feel free to check out each club's website for further details.






- Keith Fowler

Thursday, 04 June 2015 13:49